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  1. Has the room that Jackie Mac got the punt been emptied for Ronnie the moro??
  2. cjw

    Spare Ticket

    Anyone need an extra ticket?
  3. No confidence in subs today!!
  4. Ahh that's how it works! Must be funny then. Ha ha ha
  5. cjw

    Gary Miller

    There is a god!! Bombscare of a player.
  6. Can we have a new right back?
  7. cjw

    Ricky Hatton

    Anyone know of a good stream for the fight & what time it starts?
  8. Loved seeing his back as he left!!!!
  9. cjw

    Lomas Tenure Up?

    Worst kept secret ever. Throw enough mud & it will stick. Sad but jobs way to big for him. Out his depth. Thanks but close the door.
  10. Being back super saint!!
  11. cjw

    Sandaza leaving

    Bye bye horse face!!
  12. cjw

    Moan lads

    Apart from all your nationalist rubbish I think your funny as f**k.! Keep up the good work mate.
  13. Give S.C a call. Reasonable rates, dependable & always turns up when he says.
  14. Did the lamb badge not change again before McD? More detail. Was on the 1989 kit I think? The lambs head was looking at the flag.
  15. cjw

    Wee Eck

    "nationalism is rising across Europe" ??? Sounds familiar.....wee Eck To invade Poland!!