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  1. No comparison in my eyes. O'boyle was head & shoulders above that egotistical idiot. No fairy tale ending for George but stil gave our club more than sandaza Ever would.
  2. cjw

    Rangers exits

    Preston is a complete d***.
  3. He's no more than a blinkered idiot. Shouldn't have been in the job for crimes against football. 4-6-0..?? Why?
  4. cjw

    Round the Doors

    Your a fine credit to Scotland.! Muppet.
  5. cjw

    Round the Doors

    Don't come near my door with all that braveheart, shortbread tin, look at me with all my oil & big smug puss nonsense mate..!
  6. cjw

    David Robertson

    I just thot your were mental.
  7. cjw

    David Robertson

    Never use them. Don't need to really,english does me fine. So if I've missed something tell me without the use of kiddie symbols?
  8. cjw


    He gets on my tits.
  9. cjw

    David Robertson

    Dinnae rate um. Arbroath can have um.
  10. cjw

    Wee Eck

    Count me out. Bit embarrassing really.
  11. cjw

    Wee Eck

    Good. Was he banging his big oil drum?? Any excuse to done the freedom face paint.!!
  12. cjw


    I'm bored of it also.!! One man doesn't make a team. Has done fantastic for half a season,cheers. Has any of his clubs had more than that from him? Go/stay..? Im not that fussed really(sorry). He'll move on. We'll be here forever.!!
  13. A new day,a new club..! His agent must be doin overtime. The most overpriced donkey to grace our game since that united fud was valued @ 20mil years back!!
  14. Was shown round last year with a view to finish refit. Did hear the guy died that was doing the place up. Shame..could be good, brand new bar & kitchen area.
  15. If the bar's across from copperfields & is the old littlejohns place it doesn't need much done inside. Was refitted couple year back but didn't open. Looks good like.