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  1. Rangers turn down 7 million for him!! Another Kriss Boyd. Good up here,found out down there. Rubbish!!
  2. cjw

    Sombrero Day

    Put up a statue.. Or name a stand after um?
  3. Don't think you can place Scottish independence up there with Bosnia andy.
  4. Bit hard for the union army to fight car bombs, Semtex & cowards to be fair Andy.
  5. Is there a sandaza obsession virus goin around at the moment?
  6. cjw


    I said this... They said that... Yaaaaawn.! He goes on a bit.
  7. It another planet they need..! I'd vote them tae f**k off.
  8. Do we need proof?? Look around..! Closed shops,no jobs,inadequate road & rail networks. The list goes on & on. The whole financial developed world in meltdown. But here comes little Alex to kiss it all better. Not. Safety in numbers for now am afraid. Am not saying forever but we're few years off like.
  9. You got a spare room andy? Coz when slippery salmon doesn't duel the A9 & the free oil routes dinnae materialise. Along with rising unemployment,with higher taxes to keep everyone. France here we come!! Stock up on that fish mate.
  10. He gives me the heebie jeebies.! Him & sturgeon. Something well shifty about they two,in a brother & sister kinda way..
  11. Of course no country ever comes back. Or asks to come back. Would they be welcomed with open arms?? No.! Does Luxembourg have an income tax system? Bet it doesn't have as many spongers & jakeys draining the system.
  12. Does a country not take a great chunk of income from taxation of the people? Can't see under 6 million people making education funds & infrastructure improve much. Forgot about all that oil we have tho,or not.
  13. I get your point like. Just maybe not quite as strong. Sturgeon's the one I can't take tho.
  14. How's the new Edinburgh tram system getting on? Can't get that right. What chance do we have.! We're doomed.
  15. cjw

    fitted kitchens

    Howdens are good kitchens Dave. Know a company that'd take a look for you.
  16. Cue the braveheart quotes & tales of oil revenue.