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  1. St Mirren 0 St Johnstone 1 Butterfield 3,555
  2. Hi Steve, I predicted 4,000 as a crowd? Think that’s the closest? Also, Pezza predicted 0/0 as well. Thanks.
  3. Explain how you need to “completely adapt their business and premises” to introduce table service in a pub?
  4. 1/ Tell me specifically how your life was materially affected by the restrictions in the last 7 days. 2/ Please provide a list of countries with “no restrictions” at present.
  5. How can you say Omicron is “next to no threat to the NHS”? That’s patently utter, utter nonsense. Do you have a TV? The Scottish Government took £200 million from the rest of the budget for these businesses, which is being paid right now. The UK Government eventually caved and is now contributing some as well. If McD qualifies, they’ll get some of it. St Johnstone also got a £1.5 million zero-interest, pay it back in several years time loan - from the Scottish Government. Again, the “no compensation” statements are patent nonsense. If you mean furlough, only the UK Government can offer that, as they have most of our money and they won’t let us borrow. They have refused. There’s feck all we can do about it. There’s no reason at all to assume all the restrictions will be repeated every winter if the COVID risk is minor. None whatsoever. No one in Government has said that, no one is calling for it, they didn’t do it with flu. You’re just making shit up.
  6. I’m not an SNP supporter, and even if I was, would absolutely not feel any “need” to defend them on every issue. If we go back to my original post today, there’s actually little between us. We clearly are at the point where we can BEGIN to think about living with COVID. Some people think we are already there, others think we are not quite yet. You clearly begin in the former camp, which is fine. When we look back in a few years, this difference will be of no importance whatsoever to the big picture. What is not fine is using that position to then fire out ridiculous, almost hysterical exaggerations and sweeping statements about the current position. Do a couple of shifts in A&E and then tell us how silly restrictions are. Folk in parts of unrestricted England are being told to call a taxi if they have a heart attack, and 20 hospital trusts, covering a larger population than Scotland has, have declared a critical situation. That isn’t happening to the same extent here because of the restrictions, which since Omicron arrived has seen the infection rate in Wales, NI and Scotland around a third lower than England. Figure are now dipping down south because that’s where they are in the infection cycle - it started in London - they will fall here too in due course. Until the next wave. England has throughout the pandemic been less restrictive than the norm across the world. As a result, it has the fifth highest death toll in the world, and very close to the highest per capita death rate in the world. That was their decision, and that’s fine - it’s not for us to criticise. But what is utterly baffling is why we are somehow at fault for not more closely following their example? I mean, why would you simply copy another country exactly anyway in formulating your pandemic response, without taking into account your own circumstances? What other country in the world has done that? And even if you somehow convinced yourself that that was the best way forward, why would you choose to copy a country exactly that is very close to being the world’s worst performer? It’s nothing to do with politics, it’s just bonkers on every level.
  7. So you think full crowds should have been allowed 12 months ago? No restrictions on sizes of gatherings at all? A year ago? Barking mad.