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  1. I can’t make heads nor tails out of that graph. Can’t remember any real howlers this season. An average top-league goalie, which will do. I presume, having scored 12 in the last two games, the goalie is the only one left to slag off this week.
  2. Oh yes. Bit draughty, and the Council Tax was shocking. Also, terrible view. The rest of Linlithgow could look at our Palace. We could only look at them. Peasants.
  3. I actually used to live there. Never went to see anything then, too busy!
  4. We were due there in a couple of weeks. Had decided not to go (Nicola sez naw) but it was cancelled anyway. Went to Linlithgow instead. Hardly any difference, really......
  5. That’s why I didn’t say there was much room for postponement. I said there was some.
  6. They’re lucky they’ve got enough players to make the team selection something you’d need to keep secret!
  7. There is a system. Just because folk don’t like it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. No one at fault = game postponed. Investigation finds fault = possible forfeit & 3-0. There is still just enough time to live with some postponements. Aside from the two postponed when the Government intervened, because of the “play if at all possible” rule, there has been, I think, just one Covid postponement to date. If things go completely tits up, and football is closed again, then it won’t make a blind bit of difference if a few games are being carried over or not.
  8. Up to 9th, and a few teams within easy reach.
  9. Well, this is all a bit mental. 12 in two games!!
  10. 1. Lark Saint must start all match threads from now on. 2. This is entirely down to me. I saw Stevie in Newburgh yesterday, and shouted at him to “gie’s a goal tomorrow”. You’re welcome. 3. The new striker might as well go home - he’s done his job already without kicking a ball!
  11. Fancy coming on here and ruining our misinformed speculation with actual facts......
  12. OK, I’ll do the googling! In fact, beat Edinburgh City in the semi, then beat Montrose 1-0 at home, lost 3-1 away.
  13. I may also be wrong, but my memory is they automatically got to the play-off as winners of the HL because there was no Lowland League at that point. They made it clear they had no intention of moving up if they won, but were threatened with sanctions. Weren’t they 2-0 or 1-0 up in the play-off with minutes to go, then - shockeroonie - the other team scored several in the last few minutes and stayed up. It was their players threatening to leave if they were promoted that was the problem.
  14. No it doesn’t. The suspension applies to the Nations League, not the Euro Play-offs, so he misses the Slovakia game, not the Serbia game.
  15. Nah - they are in a bubble, and can theoretically mingle freely within the bubble, but not with anyone outside it (apart from family). Same as you in your own household. So playing video games together is ok - although I imagine they try to keep it to a minimum. However, once someone within the bubble is positive, obviously anyone in close contact with them has to self-isolate. You can follow every rule and get Covid.
  16. 29 consecutive successful penalties apparently equals a record set in English semi-professional. There have been a number of shootouts with more than 29 penalties in total.
  17. That’s a little disingenuous. It was obvious the Lowland League was going to be called “as it stands”, and it was shortly afterwards. Given the lower leagues still havent started, there would have been plenty of time for play-offs.
  18. There are now 3 tier 5 feeder leagues I think, but I think only one of them is up and running, so Brechin may be safe for another year yet.