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  1. What a lot of pish. The play offs were abandoned and the automatic relegation spots stood, ALL clubs voted on this. To say the Brechin chairman had an influence on this is just plain wrong.
  2. I don't like the system as it is ****ing desperate viewing, especially when i see players playing in roles that doesn't suit them. It may give players like Ali McCann different experience but by **** does it stifle his attributes, which in turn stifles the return Saints will get for him. This season has been boring shite mainly.
  3. McCann playing a different role is completely to do with Callums system and NOT to do with injuries.
  4. It's not, you can play any system you like but if the players fail to do the job they're paid to do then the system means **** all. Professionals missing the target from under 12 yards? Not very professional if you ask me. They need to get a grip or **** off as per every other job on the planet.
  5. Goin just watch the game please, take in the formation and where they are playing. Yes his preference is 3 CB but apart from that he has changed it several ways, sometimes several times during a match.
  6. The budget was being cut this year before covid anyway. It's all part of the structure changes that have been getting implemented these last few years. Then when you add in the unforeseen circumstances that are now happening they're getting slashed again, quite rightly so imo. Callum needs to use it wisely and McNamara apart I don't think he has so far.
  7. Change the formation Callum, it's not working.
  8. They absolutely destroyed us at Mcdiarmid last season.
  9. This vote should be void, not one player or management deserve any credit for that shambles.
  10. **** right off with this, Tommy will be at another Scottish club by the start of next season. Thanks for the service you were handsomely paid for turncoat Tommy but off you pop and expect the abuse every away manager gets on your return. Two right backs in defence? Natural positions indeed. Counting on Drey Wright to keep up with the no end product I assume?
  11. I'd say most folk, not me of course, get every UK channel as well as all sports/movie/entertainment channels throughout Europe and North America for a one off payment of let's say, £50 nowadays. You can of course fanny about with online streams from crappy sites like we all did 5-10 years ago.
  12. Why you not a fan of dodgy streams? Ethical or quality? Because the quality nowadays is exactly the same as the subscribed channels. If it's ethical I can kind of get that if Saints were at home, at ibrox? Stream all day long.
  13. Is there anything you won't moan about?