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  1. ^^^ see that right there, that's Boris levels of deflection. We never won a game out of our first 10(ten) fixtures. Callum Davidson sanctioned the players leaving as well as dithering on players coming in, losing out on some decent ones. Eventually signed 19(nineteen) of which they contributed in something ridiculous like 38 percent of minutes. Paid fees for utter garbage. Baffling lineups, playing loads of players out of position and seemed utterly clueless on how to change things when his preferred system was found wanting. Don't even get me started on his interviews, oaft.
  2. Na, this must be a first mind you. Random probably can't be arsed repeating it though.
  3. There was an explanation and it was quite a lengthy and in depth one as well. I'm not surprised there were repercussions as it was an eye opener and named names, egos, failed targets and why they were failed targets. In the past now though and as he says, things need to be learned and they surely can't make the same mistakes this season.
  4. Exactly. Callum is a master at blaming anything and everything but himself. In my opinion, unless they are remarkable at their job, those are the worst types of employees.
  5. Are folk who are complaining forgetting that our training pitches have been reseeded and cannot be regularly trained on at the minute? Personally the further Davidson is away from Mcdiarmid park the better in my eyes.
  6. We all need a break from this place now and again, for our own sanity.
  7. That was before the tests that show he is actually 5 years older than his birth certificate date, if we had had him 5 years earlier.......
  8. You'll have read all about the doormen stating the girl couldn't walk and was in no state to consent then. Also, the only reason he's been in the lower leagues is he has vowed never to pay her the money due. Flipper Robertson is a prick as well.
  9. Rooney likely to be out so Mikey at wing back, Liam and Muzz sitting and E2 Kane and Viv attacking **** out of them is the way I'd go. Shitebag Callum won't though, McPherson and Crawford will be in there somewhere.
  10. Auld senile Geoff didn't even know winning the conference play off round got you into the group stages...