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  1. Rooney likely to be out so Mikey at wing back, Liam and Muzz sitting and E2 Kane and Viv attacking **** out of them is the way I'd go. Shitebag Callum won't though, McPherson and Crawford will be in there somewhere.
  2. Auld senile Geoff didn't even know winning the conference play off round got you into the group stages...
  3. Far too easy, we watched half a season of hopeless pishy crosses into no one last season. 3 up top Kane, Middleton and either Spoony or MOH and give their defenders something to worry about.
  4. A month old news, he won't be coming to Saints.
  5. If any give them any they should be barred for life.
  6. Austria now on the green list so if we get LASK then at least we'll get an away day.
  7. I'm not so sure they have, they've basically had 1 day and it's the shortest day of the working week.
  8. A fair percentage of footballers are thick as shit, they need it drilled into them where, when and who they should be close to on the pitch for every situation and where they'll have success when certain things happen. These change for every team, every game play and every player. Belittling tactical analysis in the modern game is just stupid.
  9. He's been carrying an injury for the best part of 3 years which hasn't been fixed and is leading to the other issues he's had. St Mirren are quite rightly cutting their losses.
  10. What? They're letting an injury ravaged sub leave when he still has a year left on his contract, I know which side I think is the loser in this situation.
  11. There's a lot more to pre season training than a couple of pitches and some balls, Stirling Uni has all the relevant facilities, McDiarmid doesn't. If Saints have to train there a day a week during the season or a week or two during pre season then so be it. It's a lot better than training there full time.
  12. A lap of honour with the trophies before every game next season would be my choice. Just to let all visiting teams/ fans know how small time they really are.
  13. Of course they are, after the exertions of the players and the sacrifices they made throughout the season they deserve a break to do as they wish. As long as they're okay for pre season and the European games of course.
  14. There's also the telegraph pole at the rear of Carnegie place where you'd run through some poor guys garden and up and over the fence at said telegraph pole and in behind the enclosure.
  15. I can guarantee you weren't a Saintee in the 70s, you would've got bullied if you came out with that pish.
  16. This. And none of them deserve the accolade of having a stand at the ground named after them imo.
  17. The here and now just like you. We have moved on from being a club who glorifies losing a cup final and a half decent season or two in the top league as the ultimate success, or at least we should have. In my opinion naming stands should be the ultimate accolade and even after all the success we've had recently I'm not sure players and managers should get that, that's what the hall of fame is for. Geoff saved the club, moved us to Mcdiarmid, made us self sufficient which in turn has given us the platform to win trophies, that deserves it. Bruce gave the land to us for a pound. They are the true heroes of St Johnstone, players and managers come and go with some/little success in the grand scheme of St Johnstone things.
  18. Not for me. It's only my opinion obviously but it shows how tinpot we were when naming stands after folk that tbh never achieved that much in the grand scheme of things.
  19. Yes I think neither deserve it. Geoff Brown deserves it but would likely not want it, so do it when he croaks. Other than Geoff? Na. Bruce has the stadium, rename the Ormond for Geoff. Then leave it till someone truly remarkable in our history appears, too many folk getting recognition way above the level they should.
  20. All the stands already have names so I'm against renaming them, especially if folk actually think Tommy Wright deserves that sort of recognition. He doesn't by the way.
  21. That'll be because statistically he is one of if not the worst in the league.
  22. And was absolutely run ragged by Hibs. Not good enough imo.