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  1. 20. John Paul McBride No idea why 21. Sandaza 22. Parker 25. McMahon 29. Simao
  2. So, I'm seeing the stickers are popping up everywhere (according the facebook anyway). How do I go about getting some shipped to me in Canada? Is it possible? I can think of a few spots throughout Calgary that could use some Fair City Unity stickers...
  3. I would be inclined to agree with you....if it wasn't for his wee shimmy dance on the touchline at 'Accies. I thought it was hilarious. Ando's already been done a couple of times, so I'll go with A. Michael Duberry. The very reason I believe Ando has gone on the be such a mainstay. B. Wow. Decisions, decisions. John Henry Kevin Fotheringham David Cowan Neil Janczyk Alan Mahood John Connolly (As a manager).
  4. He was. Went non-league when he was released from prison, then Oxford & then back to Plymouth a couple of years ago.
  5. Barty1884

    Ched Evans

    Caused death by dangerous driving & fled the scene (although he did turn himself in 36 hours later) On the Ched Evan's topic, I read this yesterday, very interesting article which certainly does present some doubt.
  6. I think the official word is they want to develop their own players from their 'excellent' academy.
  7. Barty1884

    Black Friday

    New phenomenon for me, but there was some decent deals to be had in Canada. 40" TV for $119 - about 67 quid wasn't bad
  8. Difficult to define really though. Workplace harassment/bullying etc is defined as "behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended". With that definition, assuming the only time this was ever discussed was via text then it could likely be argued that the colleagues/employees/superiors cannot be offended or feel intimidated by something they would never have seen. The thing that swings this the other was is the common property argument. Depending on Cardiff's IT policy, there may (ridiculously) be no case to answer (ie if Moody & McKay used their personal phones). Not defending racism/sexism/homophobia, just pointing out there is a good chance there will be no case to answer. McKay still ends up with a tarnished reputation and will be forever categorized as a racist either way.
  9. Interesting to see sponsors taking this action before the outcome of the investigation is announced, especially considering Wigan appear to have a clause in the contract to terminate if Malky is formally charged - link here That being said, accepting not everything has gone public regarding the 'texting scandal', on the face of it I'm inclined to side with S4L. Pretty sure we'd find much worse things being said in the jokes topic of this forum than were likely said via text. I wouldn't imagine racist/sexist/homophobic messages, potentially jokes can be deemed one and the same as genuinely holding those views.
  10. It's happened numerous times in the past. There was one housed on Bute Drive, about an even distance between NM Primary school & the grammar. Before that, there was one put up on Struan Road, pretty much directly across from Letham Primary
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    Posted from laptop #728,365
  12. Still 4 in 10 league games so far this season, would imagine he's still on Strachan's radar.
  13. Not sure how it works for the SPFL, but the only time I ever remember the 'weakened team' rule being enforced was the English Premiership, and that was then revised (2011/12 I think). I don't see how it was every right to be enforced in the first place. Shouldn't it be the managers discretion as the what team to field?
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    A duck walks in to a pharmacy, walks up to the attendant and asks "you got any grapes?" The attendant says no and the duck leaves. The next day the duck walks into the pharmacy, walks up to the attendant and asks "you got any grapes?" The attendant says no and the duck leaves. The following day the duck walks into the pharmacy, walks up to the attendant and asks "you got any grapes?" The attendant, getting angry now says "no, I don't have any f*ckin' grapes, and if you come in here again asking for bloody grapes, i'll nail that f*cking beak of yours to the wall!" The duck leaves. The next day, the duck walks into the pharmacy and up to the attendant and asks "got any nails?" the attendant says "no, I'm a pharmacy, we don't have any nails!" The duck says "well any grapes?"
  15. Doesn't seem to be finding it today unfortunately.