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  1. Jim Spence on Twitter saying that United would only be due us 50k in compensation if Two went there. Worrying if that's the clause in his contract! Surely we could get at least double that. Broon an astute businessman my arse if that's the case!
  2. I definitely don't think he's a striker, and when he plays I don't think there would be another left sided midfielder on the pitch. For me a midfielder is someone who primarily plays between the defenders and strikers, a left midfielder mainly playing on the left hand side of the pitch. What do you think he is?
  3. Is O'halloran being overlooked as a left sided midfielder? I don't understand why a left sided player is urgent, surely a creative centre midfielder is what we're crying out for?!
  4. Think I read that Swanson is getting another shot at Coventry so he'd be out the question anyway.
  5. Really rated him when he was here before, not sure what happened to him at hibs. Went to a few hibs game last season and the fans were constantly on his back.Hopefully he just didn't suit their style of play... I don't think Brown is quite ready to play week in week out, with Craig partnering Millar in the centre and Brown providing cover works for me. Better option than Lappin as well as provides more of a goal threat.
  6. "International" Simon Mensing signs for Atlanta Silverbacks
  7. Will Millar be fit enough to start this after playing 90 mins after coming back from injury? Spoony is out as he's ill. Wright will struggle to play this and the next game. Personally I'd go with our strongest team and then worry about injuries/tiredness later in the week. Take each game as it comes and all that. I to think O'Halloran can cause The Rangers defense problems and if Foster players he's their weak link. I'd go: Mannus McKay Ando Wright Easton Millar Brown Croft O'Halloran Davidson Graham With the option of bringing McFadden on for 2nd half depending how game is going. If we're positive I think we'll be alright, sit back and it will be a long night.. Are tickets on sale at the gate??
  8. Yeah it was Davidson who was marking him at the 2nd goal, and Miller at the 1st. After Magennis scored the 1st (or even from the start of the game if proper preparation was done) they should have had 2 men on him at set pieces.
  9. Just watched the highlights for the first time. Agree that the first goal definitely wan't Mannus' ball and Anderson could/should have done better - from where I was sitting it looked like Mannus could have got it. The second I don't think it was Graham's ball, it was too high for him. The lack of challenge on Magennis is admittedly more alarming than Mannus coming for crosses.
  10. Still feeling pretty dejected from the game. I don't understand why every time we attack we insist on passing out wide and trying to get in behind their fullbacks to cross the ball in the box. It slows the play right down and we don't have/play pacey wingers who can get behind their defence to cross the ball in. We should be mixing it up more, some attacks down the wing, some through balls, some over the top. When Wotherspoon came on he was at least willing to attack with the ball from a centre position and got a few shots away. Looking at the goals we conceded, Mannus stayed on his line on both occasions. He should be commanding his box and coming out and at least punching the ball clear. The Killie keeper in the 2nd half came and punched a cross at about the penalty spot, eliminating all danger. Is it a confidence thing or an inability? That was the Killie keepers first start of the season I believe? We should have been firing in shots and crosses to test him at every opportunity. I also don't understand the booing during the game. When Lappin got subbed off for O'Halloran there were boo's. I don't any midfielder deserved to play 90 mins except maybe Davidson who was attempting to put pressure on the ball when the opposition were in possession. Gary Miller seems clueless when in possession of the ball, either booting it out of play or putting his bisy between the ball and the man and hoping he gets fouled. He also failed to challenge at their 1st goal. Not good enough. Plus points were that McFadden and Graham had a couple of opportunities and with a couple of more games together will gain a better understanding and hopefully start banging them in. Thought Easton was a threat going forward to with a couple of the crosses nearly finding their target.
  11. He's played more advanced in a few games this season and has done better in this position i think. Toss up between him and Caddis there for me.