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  1. Will be watching but Sevco won't be seeing a penny. Arrrrr........me hearties!
  2. Though he made pan bread.
  3. rik2304

    John Davies

    Bit of a marmite player as I recall. Fondest memory is of him taking a bouncing ball under control by doing a few headers on the run and getting wiped out for a penalty.
  4. I am now at peace with the fact that Saints take their time in the transfer market. How many panicked signings have paid off?
  5. Great interview. I'd urge everyone to have a listen.
  6. Hi, Amy. You're a shite singer. In all seriousness though. Your comment is utterly baseless and completely moronic.
  7. I recall Tommy saying he was being blanked by Nigel's agent.
  8. Malky isn't racist he just says racist things.
  9. Waits for another chance when they sack Barraclough for being shite.
  10. rik2304

    New Manager

    I've stood on a terrace and watched Roddy score a hat trick against us and survived. Genuinely not bothered about what Tommy does next. I'm just happy that he left on his own terms with the team in good shape.
  11. rik2304

    New Manager

    Very pleased with this appointment. The icing on the cake could be Macca coming in as "bad cop".
  12. rik2304

    New Manager

    Wallace Duffy is a natural.
  13. rik2304

    New Manager

    I'd be happy with McBookie getting a chance.