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  1. Fantastic. Callum will likely "trust" him towards the end of next season.
  2. We're always capable of a shit show but that doesn't make it any easier to take. Should have been full of confidence after some good results and a bit of target practice against Dundee. And that's what we get? Need Gordon back in his rightful place asap.
  3. Time to start seeing why CD is so excited about McPherson.
  4. Called up a couple of times but never capped. A couple of badly timed injuries put a stop to any likely opportunity.
  5. rik2304

    Liam Gordon

    Brilliant news
  6. I think we'll definitely lose McCart on a PCA. Can't really achieve more here.
  7. Still passing it sideways probably.
  8. rik2304


    Gordon has already said that he fancies playing into his forties. Citing Buffon as an example. He lost a couple of years with injury remember.
  9. Neither of whom are offering much to the starting 11. This is of more benefit.
  10. Another fine due to objects thrown at the linesman.
  11. I often mistake Jordan Northcott for Efe Ambrose. It's an easy mistake to make tbh.
  12. I get McCart was frustrated after the stupid penalty decision but he's got to be smarter than that. They always dish out bookings for that.