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  1. rik2304

    New Manager

    We've had a great deal of success in recent times by staying away from the Scottish football "usual suspects" when it comes to employing a manager. Hopefully this continues. It's a no from me.
  2. Forever a legend. I'll never forget that goal in the final.
  3. rik2304

    Season 2019/20.

    Finishing in the top six again is an outstanding achievement and a fitting end to TWs time with us. Especially after the difficult start to the season.
  4. I'd keep Booth, Craig and Davidson.
  5. rik2304


    Chris can barely handle grass. He'd never manage the upkeep of a plastic one.
  6. I'm sure one of his goals was in a win over Hibs.
  7. Inferiority complex.
  8. rik2304

    New Manager

    Nah. He's a lunatic.
  9. Would Graham Alexander be allowed to come on and take the penalties?
  10. Tommy, sitting on a throne pitchside. While Jackie Macnamara brings him drinks and feeds him grapes.
  11. rik2304

    New Manager

    Didn't we win those games and concede no goals?
  12. Had enough of Broon and his shite with the last straw being Robertson. IMO.
  13. Time for the nursing home IMO.
  14. Jenkinson was a typical winger. Moments of brilliance and moments when he'd completely disappear. Loved him.
  15. If any fans could socially distance it'd be us.