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  1. rik2304

    Steve brown

    No chance. He's being touted for the OF.
  2. rik2304

    Steve brown

    Would we take anyone from the Arabs side once they go into administration?
  3. rik2304


    You don't need stats,(although I believe the data). Just use your eyes. He's a different keeper. Is it the coaching? Lost confidence after some injuries? Poor competition?
  4. rik2304


    Parish is not much better. Neither are worthy of a place at the moment. I seriously question the coaching as Mathers was not exactly amazing himself.
  5. Pleased to see everyone is a bit happier this week.
  6. That's not factually correct though. Is it? The bigger picture is that this win will only have boosted individual players confidence and overall team spirit.
  7. Realistically, you can only beat what's put in front of you. Regardless of the quality of opposition it's a senior game. The goals count. We can see from the reaction of the players what it meant for Hendry to get his goal etc. It's a big win all round in more ways than just the score.
  8. Good. Obviously, Brechin are shite. However this will have given a few of the boys a boost in confidence.
  9. A model of sound financial planning historically.
  10. Zander couldn't even catch covid-19.
  11. That thread is embarrassing. I did not do particularly well in it. Lomas was a fud though.