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  1. Since Tommy is now the Killie manager we could name the away stand after him?
  2. It'll be very interesting to see what happens this summer.
  3. Livingston get smashed and we have this insipid showing. Great stuff.
  4. I hate Kirsten Robertson, glad she's gone, she was useless! Nobody ask me what she did though.
  5. Peter Pawlett played a plethora of pathetic performances.
  6. Technically 23 appearances could be coming off the bench 23 times in the 89th minute.
  7. rik2304

    Scottish Cup

    We've won two trophies without having to face the OF. We need to face them at some point if we want to win more.
  8. rik2304

    Scottish Cup

    A wins a win but pretty poor. Just rusty I'm sure though!
  9. rik2304


    Mad stuff seeing international superstar Spoony on the same side as Alphonso Davies!
  10. It's not required by our directors. This is a good thing.
  11. Go and read some of your posts in the Betfred semi on PnB.
  12. rik2304


    For those interested in these kinds of things. I'd highly recommend the Dogger Saints podcast on Spotify. They've had some fantastic guests on recently such as; Kevin Twaddle, Nick Dasovic, Doobs, Kieran MacAnespie and Allan Preston among others. It's really well done and you can tell the guys love Saints. Well worth a listen!
  13. Hopefully he's learned from seeing the Del and Lomas make the wrong choice to leave too soon.