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  1. Big opportunity for Hendry here to show something.
  2. Stewart is all about the £££. He'll be even more so now he's over 30. It'll take a huge attitude shift to get him here. Might be wrong and it's worthwhile testing the waters.
  3. Don't see it happening with Stewart.
  4. He's not Finnished! He's only 22.
  5. St Mirren splashing the cash this year....be interesting to see what happens. Middleton was very good for us overall but I'm looking forward to seeing who CD brings in.
  6. Assuming a team will play a certain way is foolish IMO. Even using our own team as an example. Rooney offers a far different dynamic than MacNamara did yet they played in the same position essentially. So much so that Livingston completely overthought and ruined their cup final chance by trying to cancel him out. Even a simple change can have a huge impact and I'm sure that CD and his team are thoroughly prepared for every game. What he tries to portray in the media might be very different though.
  7. We rarely have to have a rebuild. It's one of our strengths. Nobody could have foreseen what we'd achieve last season and then be running the risk of losing a raft of inform players like Kerr, Rooney, McCann and McCart.
  8. I have been consistent in my feelings towards him as a footballer. He was decent going forward and could take a good set piece. Very weak defensively though and often a liability. He certainly would not have been doing the same things Callum Booth did in the cup final . All IMO of course.
  9. Well they are weaker in the sense that they signed Tanser.
  10. Maybe it's in Australian dollars?
  11. None of those players have the look of immediate first team starter. Just fleshing the squad out.
  12. A move down south is a big leap in wages and a big step towards getting capped. It's also an opportunity to then get a potential life changing move. A couple of games in Europe won't be the hook for a player that we imagine it to be.