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  1. Is that a £1000000 loss?
  2. rik2304

    Fouls Per Card

    No. Some are committed by Scott Brown.
  3. Right now Bryson is our only midfielder able to retain possession. He needs to play.
  4. I've seen this said elsewhere. I don't disagree but there's something quite disappointing in the fact that guys who have been professionally coached most of their lives would not be able to shift from a familiar tactical set up because they are used to it.
  5. Who'd have thought that a St Mirren reject wouldn't measure up to replace McCann?
  6. Don't even get me started on that. We're heading in the right direction to be a complete laughing stock this season. From double winners to relegation and Kerr and McCann waved off happily.
  7. What an embarrassing shambles this season is becoming. To go from the cup double to this is soul destroying. Relegation looking very much on the cards unless there is serious change to the team in January. I have no faith in the current strikers to turn this around.
  8. He rates Crawford and has offered him a contract. He'll be starting.
  9. I know we've got a good record against them but I'm not confident whatsoever. I've zero belief in our midfield.
  10. Contract offer made to Cleary of Dundalk. Confirmed by CD today.
  11. You know how much Steve hates players sitting in the stand.
  12. I wonder if any of the loans will be sent back to make space for another loan. Or if we'll try to get Crawford permanently.
  13. Our best ball playing defender was sold along with our best ball playing/retaining midfielder. Their value to the team and the set up of the team was huge.
  14. We might go for the defender from Ireland but I firmly believe nothing will happen in January other than to try and sign Crawford and MacPherson.
  15. In all seriousness, don't be getting excited about January.
  16. Yes. One that Davidson really rates worryingly.
  17. I'm not really enjoying Davidsonball. It helps keeping 11 men on the pitch right enough. And not selling your best players at 23:58 on deadline day.