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  1. When did we last score 12 goals in two games ???
  2. My mate works at SFA and thinks they will fulfil the fixture this weekend, but causes major problems if they can't next week....depends if it's players or staff, or both. And if the positive people have been immediately quarantined, who they've had contact with etc.
  3. Saints talking to Charles Dunne, previously centre back at Motherwell.
  4. As a Saintee in Belfast can’t believe they went for Baraclough!
  5. Davidson with MacLean as assistant...
  6. I mind him in a game we lost at Scumdee United .
  7. So glad it ended for him us top 6 again :-) and not back we’re we were in Nov/Dec
  8. So glad it ended for him us top 6 again :-) and not back we’re we were in Nov/Dec
  9. I’ll be looking out for Tommy in NI . Really hope this leads to him getting the NI job. He’s been incredible and that surely now is the end of an era not to be repeated . Just remember starting the job , Rosenberg and winning the Scottish Cup the next year. I was on the Belfast - Glasgow Flybe with his whole family that day ! My mates from Ballyclare couldn’t speak any higher of him , his mum used to be their dinner lady ! And those that wanted rid earlier the season...... would you want to work under Steve and the one that Killie fans couldn’t believe they got rid of ! I’m suddenly now a fan of a bigger top league!! It’s going to be tough but we do have a good record of appointments recently ....