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  1. Chairman of St loandeal fc What the hell just happened tonight ???!!!
  2. But But But new season ticket holders we have Ali Crawford and £4.5 million in the bank….
  3. Sorry I thought we had four Ali McCanns to sell.
  4. I can’t make the Galatasaray game but will be watching with pride in Belfast on bbc. I missed a large chunk of the 1st half of the Monaco game as a 17 year old as the bus was late picking me up in Dunblane! I am off work for the week of the 26th Aug match and would like to get to the game, will this be home or away ??
  5. Brilliant . Well done guys! Reading that article about how well saints have been rum reminds me of having the radio on the phone , drinking beers in 20 degree April London weather and the shear disappointment when Gretna > St.Johnstone, what a last 12 years !!
  6. Well done! Was at 98 and 14 finals ! Watched the game with my dad on the tv today. Buzzing COYS
  7. I have it on very good authority the club agreed with the SFA to ban the players for 20 matches. Watch how many games they do not participate in and see if I’m right....!
  8. Is this game on BBC Scotland or Premier Sports the only way to view ?
  9. The Melamed thing is crazy why oh why did he not get game time
  10. Can’t mind when I last bet on St.Johnstone. £2 at 25/1 at half time to derision of my WhatsApp group. Get in !!