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  1. Absolutely embarrassing that a SPL team could be wearing the same shirt as a children's team.
  2. This makes sense. Adding a Celtic man and a Rangers man to the board.........
  3. I don't have access to the Email at the moment but about 10200 something.
  4. My email was time stamped 12.04 and said I was one of the first 250.
  5. Steve Robinson has already signed 3 with 2 more to follow this week but the posters on here want us to wait until January.
  6. No mainstand does. Its quite simple. You are the sort of fan that would be happy with Jim Duffy as manager.
  7. He said they work on shape from the start. Maybe that's why he's manager of the third best team in the country and you manage nobody.
  8. Not what Steve Robinson said on the radio on Saturday. Is he lying?
  9. Aberargie would do them at least 6-1.
  10. I agree with sixties, like society, the richest should survive and the poorest should just suck it up. Good to know there are similar voices in here.
  11. I do not want to push it just know when the right people might not be at the club but I believe we have a case for a full refend on season tickets since what we paid for wasn't completed.
  12. Anne Budge is the Gordon Brown of Scottish football. Couldn't run a club/country to save their life.
  13. Abbots Deuglie Saint


    Bore off, Jezza. Away back to your picket line.
  14. Abbots Deuglie Saint


    I imagine everyone else is hoping you get bitten.
  15. Look up his CV and educate yourself.