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    55saint reacted to Greylag in Richard Brittain   
    I don't know the full truth of the RB saga. Like everyone else I have suspions re motives. Like everyone else I'm not prepared to believe that Saints would not have dealt with the issue sensitively had it been put to them clearly, privately and in a reasonable fashion. Like most of us i condemn the ludicrous villification of him and his family by those with rather too few brain cells and frankly it embarrases me as a Saints fan. However, he's now a County player (again), Saints made a bit of dosh out of it and have taken the opportunity to skelp his team early doors. Perhaps it's time now for Saints fans to grant Richard Britain the same status as James Grady and get on with life. As for the County manager and chairman they are destroying what was and should be a decent provincial side. the results of their efforts was evidenced last Saturday in the poorest display I have ever seen from an established top flight team - they were shocking. The Dingwall fans will find them out soon enough! For us to go on and on about it is diminishing us - leave them to it and let's get on with cheering Saints to another fabulous season.
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    55saint reacted to The Real Saints in May Away?   
    I just find it really depressing that we might not even get an opportunity to see how well he does for Saints over the course of a season. We have spent a lot of time and effort in training him up and loaning him out whilst he has improved as a player and increased his strength greatly. Many consider him to finally be the answer to to our attacking problems this season, and I have been highly excited to see how well our first really exciting youth prospect fares for our club. And now we are willing to let him go after 2 league matches? For £300,000? Why can't we reject any offers until at least January (or the end of the season) when we get a proper idea of how important he will be for us? We would surely get similar offers at that stage, if not even better ones.
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    55saint reacted to Main1 in May Away?   
    I am the same, we have a real young talent that is pretty much already a Saints hero, the crowd love him and he is a player we look forward to go and watching playing, He has already created a buzz around our attacking options this season, unless we get enough money to buy someone just as good or better and some extra on top which I don’t see, for me there is no point in selling him. Would really be gutted if they let him go

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    55saint reacted to montrosesaintee in Alan Mannus Interview   
    He broke away from the huddle and made the international recognised 'shagging' gesture (very very emphatically) towards the saints players on the half way line.  Absolute cnut.
    For anyone interested, until the BBC arrest me, here is the Allan Mannus interview as an mp3.
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    55saint reacted to MySpazz in Eskihispor Love Vindicated   
    Seeing the reaction and attitude of Rosenborg players and fans to us, experiencing the depths of tinkery of Minsk just how different the bromance with EsEs now feels...
    Two years, three opposing teams... 1 class, 1 void, 1 devoid
    Killie this weekend, in the EsEs away top COYS!
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    55saint reacted to CynicalSaintee in Tommy Wright, An Appreciation   
    Not wanting to get carried away, but I've taken to Wright more quickly than most any other manager we've had recently. He comes across as wise, respectful and competent. Excellent tactically, brave when he needs to be and manages to eke out results some of us never saw coming. Seems content here and just comes across as a top guy.
    100% behind him. Onwards and upwards.
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    55saint reacted to dave mc in Tommy Wright, An Appreciation   
    His interview at half time on Alba was so encouraging,talks exactly how i'd want Saints' manager to talk,we've got a real good gaffer here!
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    55saint reacted to AthensSaint in Lomas Loses.   
    I don't know why, but I never really liked him or rated him. I am so glad my team is being looked after by TW.
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    55saint got a reaction from Mike in Francisco Sandaza   
    I am also very positive about the current team - Stevie May is the future - spend the money on extending his contract (he's a Saintee)
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    55saint got a reaction from SaintSam1884 in The Restaurant @ Mcdiarmid Park   
    I visited the restaurant last Friday - I thought it was very, very good value for the price.
    My only observation was that there was no sign outside to say where it actually was (I had never been before) but someone from the main office took me there personally.
    Also had the added bonus of meeting TW and had a few words :-) I shall definitely be calling in again when I come up for the Minsk return leg.
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    55saint reacted to The Blue Saint in Rosenborg V St Johnstone July 18Th Europa League 2Nd Round   
    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere?

    Nice comments from Dougie

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    55saint reacted to Cleveland-Saint in Cunningham........saints Tv An Appreciation   
    Ross, your TV interviews are fantastic, sharp, to the point and give us access to players and staff we could never dream of before. I think as a club we can build off this work as a foundation for a regular, subscribed Saints TV channel. 
    BBD is also asking about a paid streaming service, which myself and others I know abroad would pay for, giving a new income stream to the club.
    I think other clubs have this now? But maybe there are legal reasons why this can't be done, but I have not seen any details on what they are, costs etc. Sometimes overseas licensing is easier as it does not compete with domestic attendances and TV coverage.
    Due to work limitations in certain fields, its common for Scots to have to work abroad or down south. Often we get paid more as we are following the better paid jobs overseas. As much as we miss our homeland, our families usually come first but we possibly have more disposable income. I've said this before but the expat saintee is a wee cash cow waiting to be milked.
    Other than buying strips for my lad, and making sure I to go to all the home games when Im over at Christmas or other trips back back home, there is no outlet for the club to make money off me.
    I bet we could find 200 expat saints to pay an annual membership fee to include streaming games where possible, even radio commentary would be a decent start.
    - I'd pay a 100 quid a season for some kind of coverage / overseas live service, TV interviews etc. There's 20 grand (every year).
    - Maybe the channel could have spot rates for single games that could attract more (such as these European games), or an upcharge for members
    -  Sell / market spot games to visiting teams who's fans want to see the game, i.e. Minsk/Rosenberg or even SPL games/friendlies
    Basically if there is some way to build some type of live action on top of these sharp TV interviews and even the Chris Miller video diary, the opportunity to generate a steady stream of income may be viable. I've just asked the club for feedback on this also.
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    55saint reacted to glenrothes saintee in Draw For The Next Round   
    Doubt i will make it to the away game. I hope anyone planning on going realises a visa for Belarus is required (assuming minsk beat valletta).
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    55saint reacted to rik2304 in Player contracts and transfers   
    Very disappointing end here for Vine. No need for acting out in the press.
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    55saint reacted to Saint 62 in Crusaders Vs Rosenborg   
    I agree we are at a disadvantage in regards to match fitness (another argument for summer fitba?). On the other hand I feel we gave too much respect to Eskes last year. We should be going into these ties knowing on our day we can beat Rosenbourg.
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    55saint reacted to CunninghamVideo in Saints Tv: Tommy Wright Interview 3/7/13   
    Tommy Wright talks pre-season, re-signing Gwion Edwards, looking ahead to the Europe League ties and Richard Brittain...

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    55saint reacted to bigstu in Welcome Tommy Wright. Our New Manager   
    Just been confirmed on official site. With Callum Davidson as his assistant.

    I am delighted with this news.
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    55saint reacted to dave mc in Confirmed: Lomas Millwall Manager   
    Callum with an older assistant,
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    55saint got a reaction from MySpazz in Richard Brittain   
    Very measured and professional
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    55saint reacted to eseses in Saints V Killie 20/10/12 K-O 3 Pm   
    5 wins in a row! Impressive!
    Keep on winning guys, these wins make ESES fans happy, very happy...