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    55saint reacted to HOODLUM65 in Saints under 20's Season 2016/17   
    For a nil-nil game it was highly entertaining with Saints keeper dealing competently with a few long range powerful shots.
    Some of the fouls and late challenges by the Hearts players were right out of the Robbie Nelson coaching manual and resulted in several yellow cards.
    Despite that the Saints youngsters put on a good show against their bigger opponents, with McCawl, Jardine and McCann particularly impressive.
    Alistair McCann who played in midfield, but who has played in the left back position, is surely a star in the making.
    Team was McKenzie, C. Lumsden, G. Page, E. McCawl, J. Kerr, L. Gordon, C. McLaren, A. McCann, G. Hunter, D. Jardine and P. Simpson.
    Subs. J. Docherty for Simpson, C. Thomson for Gordon and J. Johnson for Jardine.
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    55saint reacted to HOODLUM65 in IRN-BRU CUP   
    Teams were announced before kickoff including subs.
    Man of the match for me was Saints no.4 who won his challenges and hardly wasted a pass. Reminded me of Jim Townsend when he played for Saints in the sixties.
    Connor McLaren on the right wing was a constant thorn in the Turriff defence.
    All in all an excellent performance by a very young Saints side who didn't deserve to lose.
    It was obvious from the start that the rearguard lacked height and this was to prove pivotal in the cross from the corner for the equalising goal and again for the winner, when the striker rose between two defenders to nod a cross into the path of his unmarked team mate who netted with ease from short range.
    Saints lined up against their more senior opponents ( in age at least) in traditional 1 to 11 numbers.
    Saints line up
    1- Mackenzie (18)
    2- Lumsden (16)
    3- Thomson (16)
    4- McCann (16)
    5- Comrie (19)
    6- Brian (16)
    7- McLaren (19)
    8- Jardine (18)
    9- Hurst (19)
    10- Docherty (16)
    11- Simpson (19)
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    55saint reacted to Bazm in nothing to Play for now...   
    The Eses stadium new build has been slowed down and unlikely to open this year.
    The current board of directors, who may go if Eses are relegated, are very keen for Saints to open the new ground.
    It all depends if they are relegated and the new board (if elected) are as keen to have Saints play them.
    Was at the new ground in Februarythis year, the major issue for their fans is there is no train or tram service to the new park, its a good 10 miles from the Ataturk Stadium and well out of town, they may be waiting for the train/Tram situation to resolve.
    There are very few pubs anywhere near the ground so another "Bar Street" will have to be in old Bar Street if we play them.
    The Eses fans are still Saints daft and have told the Eses directors they only want to play Saints at the new stadium opening.
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    55saint reacted to HOODLUM65 in Saints Development League Thread   
    Comrie felt aggrieved when his opponent felled him , with Ref. gesturing he got the ball and waved to play on.
    Whatever swear word Comrie used, it didn't meet with the Ref.'s approval and he immediately brandished a red card.
    Bradley Sinclair twisted away from one opponent and was met with another who contested the ball.
    The two of them kicked the ball at the same time and Bradley immediately fell to the deck screaming in agony.
    There was no blame attached to the Hibs player in the 50/50 challenge.
    The Hibs Lady physio is to be applauded in assisting the Saints staff in the onfield treatment of the player and assisting in helping the player onto the stretcher.    
    The ten men performed admirably and should have scored thru' Connor McLaren in the second half when the ball was passed to him inside the box and for some reason he failed to shoot and was dispossed by a barge in the back.
    Saints were made to pay for it when Hibs broke up the left and swung a high cross to the unmarked lanky Oli Shaw who looped a header high past keeper McKenzie's flailing right hand.
    Saints were giving as good as they got and neat passing was getting them into enemy territory, with Eoghan McCawl and Paul Simpson starring.
    Saints were rightly awarded a penalty when a Hibs player used two hands to push a Saints player in the back as he was on the point of connecting with a crossball. Surprisingly the Hibs player was not booked.
    McCawl's weak spot kick was easily saved as the keeper dived to his right.
    Saints got a second spotkick when a perfectly flighted cross from the left to the back post was intercepted by the raised hand of a Hibs defender. Amazingly the Ref. AGAIN failed to produce his yellow card.
    This time George Hunter took the kick sending the keeper one way and the ball the other, high into the net.
    This was no more than their spirited display deserved. 
    Hibs were in a lot of possession without looking particularly dangerous as the ten men refused to give in.
    A draw was probably a fair result, but how Saints will rue the penalty miss.
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    55saint reacted to sixties saintee in War Dead   
    My Grandmothers first husband fell at Ypres, Although he was talked about no one really knew much about him as Gran never said that much, The parchment I got from Ashton had a lot of detail about him where he was born (Sutherland ) where he lived in Perth , Age he fell and where to find his grave, in a way it I felt a bit closer to him.
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    55saint reacted to Fair Maid in War Dead   
    Both my gt grandfathers fought at the battle of the Somme and thankfully came back.  One gt gt Uncle died at the battle of Arras.  His body was never found.  I find that upsetting - that he is somewhere unidentified.  Just a name on a plaque.  Funny how you can feel that way over some one you've never met.
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    55saint reacted to MySpazz in Saints Hall of Fame 2016 nominations   
    If you can watch this and no shed a tear, you're no human..... where his wife reminisces. .....destroyed me.
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    55saint reacted to Fair Maid in War Dead   
    Whilst doing WW1 family research and checking the Commonwealth Graves website, I decided to do a search for how many were recorded that came from the Perth area.  The search results showed 1908 names.  So many lives lost.  Some of the entries gave address details of the fallen and their families.   I doubt if many of the families were ever able to visit their loved one's graves due to lack of money, etc. 
     I'm old enough to remember individuals who lived in my neighbourhood(s) who had survived the Great War, but of those who died, I wonder how many  life paths of descendent  relatives I unwittingly crossed in every day life.
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    55saint reacted to sixties saintee in McIntyre's Bakery in Bridgend   
    Put a post on a few years ago about this, They bought a german machine which you could put Bread doughs through it, but not Scots rolls dough,the old rolls were made using ( BFT ) Bulk Fermentation Time where the dough was started off using old dough and letting it rise and knocking it back to get the air out off it, to develop the dough and improve flavour, the new system which is used today ( Chorleywood ) allows Bakers to mix and make bread quicker, in the plant Bakeries, Hovis, Warburtons, you can make a dough put it through a bread plant Prove Bake Cool and bag in 3.5 Hours 6500 loaves a hour most plants run 24 hours for 6.5 days.
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    55saint reacted to HOODLUM65 in Saints Development League Thread   
    Sure was buddy. Ask Tommy and the goalie coach, who were sitting in front of me in the public seats first half and returned in the second half to sit in the small Director's box.
    Tommy left before the third went in.
    That new right back is a solid chap. Kept the winger very quiet and dispossessed him frequently.
    P. S. Had a Forfar bridie fae Saddlers before the game.
    It was braw, an ingin yin inaw.
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    55saint reacted to HOODLUM65 in Saints Development League Thread   
    In the fourth minute, a flick on by a 'Well player reached a team mate (who appeared to have strayed offside) but was allowed to continue. From a tight angle he smacked a shot off McKenzie right hand post before being cleared by the defence.
    In the 13th minute Greg Hurst was well placed in the middle of the box to meet a right wing cross with his head. When it looked like he would score he glanced the ball wide, when a firmer contact may have resulted in a goal.
    Play was evenly contested till the 37th when neat passing from just inside their own half found Turnbull outside the Saints box.     He wasted no time in arrowing a great shot high into the net past the keeper's despairing right hand. 1-0 to 'Well which remained the score to halftime.
    'Well kicked off the second half but we're pinned back after a few minutes, as a trip gave Saints a free kick just outside the box in a central position. Up stepped Easton to delicately curl a sweet left foot kick over the defensive wall and past the helpless keeper into the net. Game on.
    Before 10 minutes of the second half elapsed, Saints got their noses in front when Craig Thomson fired a fierce shot into the goal, as 'Well failed to get the ball clear.
    With their tails up and the half progressing, Saints were in firm control of proceedings, with the odd 'Well foray upfield being snuffed out by a resolute Saints rearguard.
    After 70 minutes Easton was replaced by Page and Esselmont by Jardine. The changes did not halt the slick one touch passing that was on show in the second half and it came as no surprise that Saints increased their lead in the 75th minute.
    A corner was conceded on the Saints left by the hard pressed 'Well defence. A high hard hit cross came into the box which eluded the ariel Krachunov, but was powered home first time by the player behind him, Page.
    3 goals in the second half was no more than the team deserved and was fully merited.
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    55saint reacted to sixties saintee in St Johnstone F.c. Hall Of Fame   
    Very Surprised there is not a Unsung Hero award seams to me to be all about the players, without these people there would be no ST Johnstone 
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    55saint reacted to babychunder in Is The Current Saints Team The Best Ever ?   
    I can see the great squad of the end of the 60s / beginning of the 70s in my mind's eye. The memory is fresh of them running out on to dear old Muirton Park in their Blue tops with the white V neck collars. There was a wee shiver of excitement when the whistle blew to start the game and a loud cheer went up from the Choir under the auld stand.
    Donaldson, Coburn, Lambie, Rennie, Rooney, Aird, Gordon, Whitelaw, Aitken, Connolly, Hall, McPhee, Muir, McCarry, Pearson.
    If you were there and watched that team, you would never forget it. Three really good front men in Connolly, Hall and Pearson. Each different in their own way, but great players all. That defence was rock solid with Benny and Willie both feared and fearless. This is the team that took us on our famous European run, beat Celtic and Rangers home and away, and finished the league third behind Celtic and Aberdeen.
    Yes the current team have won the Cup and qualified for Europe, and also there's the team of '99, but the 1970 squad stands alone for the quality of its players, the teamwork, and the outstanding results against top class opposition. That Rangers team who were one place below us in the league included Greig, Penman, Stein, Henderson and Johnstone all of whom were Scottish internationals.
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    55saint reacted to MySpazz in Muirton Park ballboys   
    I was a ball boy and if you were one, you'll respond immediately to "Fan out...............to the centre and FAN OUT!
    Wallace made us go TRAINING on the north inch.....
    I fell out with my pal for a day cos he wouldn't let me stand at the ice rink end, and left me down the town end (neither of us were senior enough for the enclosure or stand at that point...)
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    55saint got a reaction from Kilgour in Stevie May   
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    55saint got a reaction from sixties saintee in Goalkeepers at St johnstone   
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    55saint reacted to montrosesaintee in Stevie May   
    This is it for me too.  Any number of bitter fans from down south can come on here telling us we are wrong, but he scored 27 goals for us in one season, was instrumental in a turning a semi final on it's head which led to the most memorable day any Saints fan will ever have, and performed well for the Scotland U-21s during that year.  Don't really care how he does now in the eyes of others, he made part of our history, and we got a decent bundle of cash out of his move south.  No amount of bile from other clubs' fans can take that away.
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    55saint got a reaction from Dave Ferg in Goalkeepers at St johnstone   
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    55saint got a reaction from jhq in Goalkeepers at St johnstone   
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    55saint got a reaction from Kilgour in Goalkeepers at St johnstone   
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    55saint reacted to Amsterdam in Amsterdam   
    On November 5 we will play Fenerbahce for the Europa League at 19:00. They have made it very difficult to obtain tickets for this game as they don't want the Turkish fans to be mixed with ours. But if you want to go to the game I can try to arrange something. 
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    55saint reacted to Kyle in Frazer Wright - An Appreciation   
    The forum was obviously down yesterday, otherwise I (or someone else) would've set up a thread for Frazer Wright.
    As we all know, Frazer Wright left the club yesterday. He made 128 appearances for us and I'm sure he scored 5 goals. Wright did the impossible - he actually improved the defence after the departure of Michael Duberry. Every year Wright was with us, we finished top 6 and qualified for Europe. He was also my man of the match in the cup final and scored the winner against Rosenborg in Trondheim.
    The Anderson and Wright partnership may not have been the prettiest in terms of footballing ability, but they were certainly the most effective pairing at centre back that I can remember playing together for such a sustained time at Saints. Even last season, it was Wright's re-emergence last October that was one of the catalysts for our revival after a horror run of 6 straight defeats.
    When I saw the rumours about him leaving yesterday morning, I didn't want to believe it. Once it was confirmed, I was pretty gutted. His goodbye message on twitter (which I will add on in a separate post) is extremely sad to read too.
    The word 'legend' is banded about too much in football nowadays and 4 years at one club wouldn't normally constitute that. But I think the vast majority would put him in that category for all that we achieved with him in the heart of our defence. Everyone who has met him seems to agree that he's a really nice bloke on top of all that too.
    I'd like to wish Frazer all the very best in his future away from Saints. If he does sign for Dumbarton as is rumoured, then I wish him every success there too.
    #ThankyouFraz #Goodbyeoldfriend
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    55saint reacted to Brogan in Player contracts and transfers   
    We can't just dismiss this - as Tommy Wright is trying to do - as a 'typical St Johnstone start to the season' and that it takes time to sort out our defence. He's rewriting history. Even ignoring the yawning gap between our European performances compared to past years, league facts don't back him up. A couple of years ago we won two out or first three without the loss of a goal; last year did we not win three out of our first five? We've certainly gone through bad patches in previous seasons, but these sort of excuses irk when it's clear we're starting the season like this because we're not playing well enough. However you dress it up, or look at the positives, the bottom line is that we haven't deserved to win any game I've seen this season.
    And if that's not gloomy enough, nor do I think our problems will be solved at a stroke by the return of a couple of players or a new signing.
    I'll stick my neck out hoping to be proved wrong and say Dave Mackay will never be the answer at right-back. He's been a great player but even last season he looked fractionally slower. Down to his bad hip? Perhaps, but left-wingers at other clubs will be slavering at the chance to come up against a 35-year-old who lacks match fitness and has been out for five months. Dave is a central defender now.
    Steven Anderson took ten years to rise from bombscare to competent Premiership player; yet only six weeks to somehow become indispensable. Have we forgotten Anderson needs a good partner to function? We got a glimpse of how poor he can be without one against Alashkert. Hopefully Mackay/McKay will be the answer, but Anderson alone isn't.
    Danny Swanson is being touted as the answer to all our problems probably by the same people who touted Liam Craig as the answer to our problems six weeks ago. Swanson at least promises the creativity we lack, but some context: in the dozen games he played for us last season, he made a difference in a handful, was average in a few others and was heckled unmercifully in a couple more. I'd certainly take him, but if we think he's an instant guarantee of success we're setting ourselves up for more heckling. And any arrival prompts the wider issue of an utterly overloaded midfield. Is he going to play wide or middle? How may squad players are going to be kicking their heels in the stands?
    The answer to our problems lies deeper, and will take longer to solve. Tommy needs to have a look at his recruitment policy, his team selection and his attitude to younger players. A couple of examples. I have time for Tam Scobbie as a utility player, but a two and a half year deal? In this climate? Why? And are we that wealthy; that in need of choice that we needed to sign Liam Craig with Caddis and Lappin on the books? At best it's a risk; at worst there's a hint of letting sentiment get in the way of forward thinking. 
    But it's our treatment of younger players that worries me more. I'm not even going to go over the merits of giving players like Thomson, Rodger and the departed Easton a shot. But instead look at Tommy's bias for established players. Can anyone tell me what Brown did against Hearts that two weeks later sees him disappear off the radar? And - while I don't want to pile on Scobbie - is there any reason he keeps his place in a porous defence when McKay is quickly dropped? Are we ever going to see Kane given a decent run, rather than cameo appearances when the untouchable MacLean comes off? 
    I don't think these problems are insurmountable, but I was worried pre-season and though I hope I'm being far too premature here, I don't see a quick turnaround. And I'd rather see Tommy actively make smart decisions rather than having them forced on him by continuing poor performances. 
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    55saint reacted to Center Half in Player contracts and transfers   
    Agree that we as in (the management team) need to show our youngster a bit more confidence in their ability, I can honestly say that each preseason I think they are coming through then they disappear again. have/show them faith in their ability they have the gallous/confidence to give us a spark..  Rodgers/Caddis/Brown/Thompson all capable of playing IMO ( Dylan Easton also would fall into that bracket but seems to be nowhere now?).  
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    55saint reacted to chips in Old Perth - Picture Thread   
    Just wanted to add that i now have a big collection of old Perthshire images. Showing pictures of life outside of the town,featuring all the wee villages Bankfoot,Luncarty,Stanley and many many more. Im just wondering if it would be worth while starting up an Old Perthshire thread