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  1. How do you get a better picture on saints tv on the live games? Can’t seem to change it and it’s blurry! Other videos give a hd choice but the live one is cc but can’t change anything.
  2. What’s everyone think of saints tv? It’s good to get the live games. Couldn’t make game today because of work and saints tv is a good substitute! Commentary could be better tho LAUGH OUT LOUD
  3. Whole team we’re awesome! Great to watch thought Kennedy Liam and Murray had a great game but think Drey Wright was the best on the pitch. Just wants to run with the ball and he has end product. What a team the Perth saintees!!
  4. Probably the ex kilmarnock guy Dayton
  5. Think he would b a good signing but definitely not a pen. There was contact but why did he have to fling his right leg in the air and his hands up. Needs to practice his diving if he's gonna go down that easy.
  6. A bit harsh! thought we played pretty well all being we didn't start till the second half. Thought Liam and Pates played well also Swanson when he came on think I'll go for Paton as MOM tho.
  7. Poor game till the sending off! Easton had a mare! 3 nil flattered them a bit. But got to b happy with the result. Gonna go for Liam tho. Although all subs did well when they came on.
  8. Do they still have a future at saints?
  9. It's hard to pick one player out of a very good team performance. Smith did well and thought Scobbie had a good game too. Pates and Alston won every ball in midfield I like the way Alston even when he loses the ball he never gives up and puts in a good challenge. Gonna go with Alston for man of the match.
  10. Still getting ads but can close them down easy enough
  11. Grrr I don't want to play juice jam!!
  12. Can't even close these recent ads! Theres spent about 10 mins trying to get to this page. No happy!
  13. Zander signs new contract to 2020 good bit of business by saints!!
  14. I'm the same every time I open a new page these ads are coming up. Grr
  15. Tommy Wright says on the radio big signing news over the weekend. Hopefully Beaston, Swanson or Joe signed up! Anyone heard anything?