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  1. If we go three at the back, my team would be: Clark Kerr Gordon Duffy/New signing Drey Wright Tanser Davidson McCann Kennedy May Hendry I worry we don't have good enough centre defenders to do that right now but something needs to change so worth giving it a go. Dre Wright could be a great wing back option and Kennedy needs to play as he is our main creative outlet.
  2. Peaso played for Dundee first then came off and back on for Saints. So him and Savo did indeed play together for Dundee. Amazing night, that second half was the most fun I have had at the football for a long time. Roddy giving it his all in partucular was a highlight.
  3. Very happy to see this post being shared so much on Facebook. Thanks to all who have done so. If we can spread the word then Saturday is going to be one hell of a day.
  4. From a Falkirk supporting friend "Blair is a very good player who I really hope we hold onto but would be a good signing for any Premier League team. He might not walk into your first 11 but if he continues to develop then he will force his way in without a doubt"
  5. Thanks for the support but you should keep your money for the ticket for the final. There isnt enough time to organize a fund or card display in my opinion but everyone can do their bit with Saints shirts, balloons and twirling scarves before kick off as well as a vocal backing for the Saints. #seaofblueandwhite
  6. After the utter shambolic mess the SPFL have made over ticketing, the passion the fans are showing has never been higher. Let's do what we can to turn this message into a positive for Saints by giving the team the best possible backing we can on Saturday. I understand that some may want protests and I am all for banners or chants but nothing like arriving late or anything that means our team does not get 90 minutes of our backing. The biggest F*ck you we can give to Doncaster and co is to turn Hibs over and get to the final. They don't want wee St.Johnstone in another final, they are desperate for Celtic v Hibs. So I propose we get the scarves twirling and Espana going for the teams coming out to give everyone that cup final feeling. If people can spread the word via social media just like Super Saint did before the cup final then everyone should get the message. Let's get balloons, banners and scarves flying to make our area a sea of blue and white. Right from the start, let's make sure the Saints are having a party! Get CDs made up with Saints songs for the buses through and get everyone up for this game from the moment they enter Tynecastle We were outnumbered in the cup final but we outsung United and shut them up on the pitch. Let's do exactly the same on Saturday and have our passion feed down to the players. Come On You Saints!
  7. A draw would be okay but if we are aiming for 2nd then we might need all 3 points
  8. I would not touch Lomas with a bargepole if I was a club chairman
  9. Let's get these scarves twirling and the songs belting out. We may have had a bad run of form but we are the Scottish Cup holders and we are better than Dundee. Roar the Saints to victory today! COME ON YOU SAINTS
  10. A big thanks to everyone making the effort to come from afar. This is what makes the game so special.
  11. Win or lose this has been a fantastic few seasons so I hope everyone gets the chance to celebrate a Saints golden era on Saturday night.
  12. Hope everyone is spreading this around their particular bus/train/car
  13. Some of the replies are a bit OTT. It is just a friendly reminder from OP that all attention will be on us on Saturday so have a great time and don't go overboard in the same manner as has happened at a few other big games. No harm in that and its a good point. If you don't need a reminder then ignore the post and if you do then please take it on board. Let's all get behind the team, have a ball and cheer us on to victory. 3 days to go!
  14. There's a game of football as well? Brilliant, this is starting to sound like a good day out.