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  1. Isn't it time that we started to talk about a possible takeover from the community in the form of fan ownership? Plenty of people on here are vocal enough about all the wrongs at the club and how we should be keeping our best players/pushing the boat out/keeping 2 stands against the OF/improving fan relations/showing more ambition etc. but how many would be willing to invest the time to properly understand the runnings of the club and help to create a sustainable future? It's a model that's growing in popularity and I don't see why it shouldn't work for Saints. I understand that this is a bit of a biased article but still points to some of the advantages of fan ownership:
  2. I didn't realise that people could book a seat online. It's never bothered me as a season ticket holder in the East Stand. However, it does pose the question about who gets to sit where when we all get shunted into "unallocated" seating in the West Stand. I assume some people will still buy tickets online so will they get to reserve a seat and move me if I happen to be sitting in the seat they reserved? When East Stand season ticket holders were move to the Main Stand in the 90's we at least got to choose the seat at the start of the season for "Grade A" matches - I worry that East Stand season ticket holders could be treated unfairly compared to occasional fans if this is the case.
  3. It's my daughter that left on a stretcher, thanks for the good wishes. She's in Ninewells getting treatment just now, we're hoping to have her home for Christmas. Thank you to the staff who helped her yesterday.
  4. Got to wonder if he would justify being Saints highest paid player ever. He was brilliant first time round but the lustre has come off since then and we're not buying a guaranteed 15-20 goals. If he's holding out for more cash then McD isn't where his heart is and he should follow the money.
  5. Wallace Duffy (Celtic youngster) to Saints according to The Sun No idea what he's like as a player but at least it's something to talk about...
  6. I've unfollowed that page - worse speculation than the Mirror group. Very much doubt we'll see Stevie May back at Saints and, like others have said plenty times, I'm not convinced he's anything like the player that left us.
  7. I'd love to thump Accies tonight but would happily settle for any kind of win. The team unit was good against Celtic but let down by tired legs and poor decision making as a result. We need to press Accies because they will be up for it with a new manager and a last gasp point against Dundee. Let's hope the likes of Kennedy and Watt turn up to turn up the heat in the race for top 6.
  8. It does sound promising but it also makes me wonder what we have to do to "prove" we want him. I'd really like to keep him but it needs to work within the pay structure at the club. I wouldn't be breaking the bank.
  9. Buses from Dunfermline to Perth are awful - 3 buses to get from home to McD - total time 2 hours each way compared to 35 minutes by car. I've got my season ticket so already bought and paid for. Undersoil heating and hot food aren't really that much of a concern, more worried about spending hours on the M90 towards Glenfarg afterwards because someone doesn't realise they need to change gear to drive up hill in the snow. I'll hold off until about 1.30pm on Saturday to see what the script is. Just hoping that if there is going to be a call off it's done in reasonable time but wondered if there was any mention of a potential pitch inspection. Doesn't sound like it.
  10. Any news of the game being at risk due to forecast snow? I travel from Dunfermline so it's not a million miles away but I woudn't want to waste a trip or get stuck on the M90.
  11. Even Cowdenbeath are more on the ball than us!
  12. Any news on when this will be rescheduled? I'm away the first two weeks in April and really hoping it's just the Motherwell match that I miss - don't see any issue with us playing this on the weekend of 24th March and I would definitely advocate it
  13. If we can win this one and the game against Hamilton then I couldn't give a **** how we get on v Rangers. Although 3 home wins in a week would go a long way to making up for the garbage we've been watching since the last Hamilton home game...
  14. Credit to Caulker for talking openly about his struggles at every club he's been at but he's not without risk, especially if they're throwing decent money at him. 18 months is a long time to pay big money if he doesn't turn his career around. He's likely to have ability and could be a real asset for them but I'm not sure that we would want to take the risk on signing him and potentially end up with him on the books in the Championship (as Dundee may well find).