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  1. This according to the NI manager "I thought Ali had a fantastic debut, one to be really proud of," he added. "We knew what we were going to get from him with his work rate and endeavour. He was calm on the ball and he managed the occasion very well.“
  2. Just watched it on saints tv, pretty grim stuff football wise but the picture was good. Could have done with some zooming in at times, could barely Id players, and I’ve watched the first penalty incident several times and still cannot work out what it was for. Thought Peterhead played some decent passing.game at times and they kept running throughout the game. just hope now we avoid ugly sisters
  3. Very prescient of you given tonight’s Accies result
  4. Talking of penalties, both ET penalties in the HvH semi final looked like dives to me. Is retrospective action taken in cup games?
  5. Also thought Spoony did ok, hardly a nightmare Davemc (usually agree with most of your summations). A nightmare would be him passing to an oppo player leading to a goal. He is inconsistent though as you say, but would he be at saints if he was not? watching games on tv like we have to now is a bit surreal, have saints really played or was it a dream?
  6. But why was the DU tour of Africa such a disaster, I am not aware of the details? For the term Dundee United to end up slang for a fool there must have been something dumb happening!
  7. Welcome back Smarmy. BTW, do you know what is Nigerian slang for a fool or idiot? no, not a Tory but close......
  8. Just as well then that he provided the pinpoint cross for the second goal (From our Twitter feed). Oops, sorry, just said something positive about one of our players.....my bad!
  9. According to out twitter page a back up keeper (Gow) in season 99/00 had the number 13. He never got a game.
  10. Brian Graham and Richard Foster https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54154998
  11. Well done! And I bet you feel tons better for it.
  12. Reading that I did wonder if the taxi driver was a Dundee fan. The bar reckon the pair’s behaviour was fine, but maybe they would say that for future business, and the two stories are so different that something looks fishy to me.
  13. Did we really have 21 shots? Bbc seem to think so. but for those two late goals we would be 3rd now
  14. Don’t agree. His corners have been excellent.