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  1. So do I, whatever combination of suggestions I try.
  2. I’ve not had the letter yet?
  3. Maybe that Welsh guy who is unhappy at his club in Spain?!
  4. The numptie has the union flag the wrong way round
  5. Coz, I’m nosey! Seriously, I wondered if the club took the opportunity to sound out others. In no way does this mean I think the club has made the wrong choice but to hear who else applied or was interviewed may give some indication of how St J is viewed across the wider football community.
  6. Did the club interview any other candidates? If they did I would love to know who they were.
  7. Aye, but Dave’s happy clapping is very muffled, he wears gloves at the match...... insert appropriate smiley!
  8. So when will the clubs be having this vote (is it the 405th vote this year)?
  9. I would expect a reporter to spell his name correctly.
  10. Neil McCann is in favour of sevco plan.......that alone would be enough for me to say no to it!
  11. There’s some really good stuff on Alba, some crud too I have to add. Give it a try.
  12. Are they going to test the turnstile operators? Don’t fancy going through that confined space at the best of times
  13. I thought Sheerin left Arbroath a few years ago. Isn’t d*** Campbell in charge now?