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  1. I can only comment on your charter flight comment, I know none of the in-crowd at the club but got on the charter flight to Turkey. Suppose I could have been one of the lucky few who got a place in the remaining seats after selected folk got on......
  2. And have you seen what has been released regarding a revamp of euro cups while all this stooshie was going on? They’ve been learning from the Tory UK government, release a really, really bad idea, drop it and then release another idea that is not quite so bad but still awful.
  3. Things have not improved, still bottom of league and isolated..... ☹️
  4. 308 miles according to AA route planner
  5. Ooft, if Hamilton do win both games but we do not beat RC we are bottom six and it’s squeaky bum time again....
  6. Yes, shame the council did not knock down that monstrosity the city hall museum, would have made a grand square for such an event.....
  7. Was Thomas born in 1878 in st Martins Perthshire? In the 1901 census he was a visitor at the Mann family home Rosemount with job given as a joiner. as a 3 year old in the 1881 census he was living with his parents Thomas and Betsy in Perth. Both parents born in Dundee!!!! And John, born 1886 living in Scone in the 1891 census? try ancestry, they have newspapers online and you may see mention of the company in adverts etc or even long service notices etc also try trade registers.
  8. Ryan Stevenson https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/55953270
  9. Notice lots of players leaving DU and none coming in during this window. Is that down to finances smarmy?
  10. A foot, or the other end, a hip.
  11. When I saw the heading I thought you meant the DU manager. But suppose it could also be the Killie boss. Been a few after a defeat to saints.
  12. The table looks so much better after that. Smashing goal by McCann, great, super.
  13. And yet it was his run down the left that won us a corner from which our first goal was scored....*palm on forehead emoji*
  14. As a matter of interest, how would Kane’s effort (that the keeper touched over but did not result in a corner) be judged, on or off target? I thought it was going over anyway, so off target and would not count in this strange metric. does hitting the post count as on or off target?