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  1. So if there are elements of the deal that have not been signed off (by the deadline) then surely Ali is still a St Johnstone player?
  2. Hey, we can still sign out of contract players!! Melamed is still without a club I believe. does that make you feel a wee bitty better?
  3. One or two leagues are talking of banning green kits as they create issues for players and fans who are colour blind. I’m sure celtic and Hibs would love that!
  4. Surely the more we all can get the number of new covid cases decreasing the greater the chance of increased crowd allowance? Time to be good people, wear yer fkn masks
  5. 65, according to the letter I got with my renewal info
  6. Ooft, just imagine……Liam Craig corners nodded in by the big man!!
  7. Errr, have you sent similar email to club?
  8. When you look at the ins and outs at other clubs (via the bbc website) it looks to me that every club is weaker now than at the end of last season. The exception perhaps is St Mirren. I fancy there is going to be a lot of movement over the next couple of weeks.
  9. dunblanemike


    Yes, Gilmour was excellent but for me McGinn was our MoM.
  10. dunblanemike


    I reckon Rooney would have done better than O’Donnell
  11. Sitting in the row in front of you is more concerning!
  12. I suppose gort will be back soon?
  13. dunblanemike


    Zero saints in latest squad......underestimated since.........