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  1. Me too, on both counts, not used my ST for two years and now due an old geezer ticket!
  2. I do know he was in Dunblane last Friday, does that make a difference, really?
  3. When you go online with your current season ticket number you are offered your previous seat, or can select a different one. I guess in your case the system will give you a main stand option. Do you guys have to mainstand or Ormond prices?
  4. I just had a look at last years Wap player of the year and if you exclude Danny Mac, the top 7 have all missed huge chunks of the season. Add in the COVID outbreak and the dodgy refereeing decisions ( I cannot recall suffering so many in one season) all contribute to where we are now. Barring any more dodgy ref decisions I think we will stay up.
  5. The only positive I can take from the subs is that CD is saving them for the home leg. It is only half time I suppose…
  6. So have I got this correct, we do well and it is down to the opposition manager getting his tactics wrong, while when the opposition do well it is down to our manager effing it up?
  7. Samuels was offside for first goal (plus play should have stopped for head knocks).
  8. Now their season has finished, another look at the woes at Eskisehir. Bottom of third tier. https://www.sofascore.com/team/football/eskisehirspor/6364
  9. The article suggested 60 minutes
  10. The bbc have an article outlining the time a ball is in play among EPL games. It is less than 60 minutes! should games instead be timed by a stop clock, as in basketball and other sports? My first thought is this is a good idea. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61342349
  11. And what if we stay up having reached 9th or 10th?
  12. Can they do that? I thought that only happened if the foul was missed entirely by the ref, I.e. no yellow card issued.
  13. Thanks….scooterboy. Already noted in match thread this was in the wrong place but in my defence given comments ahead of mine I thought this was the match thread.
  14. Oops, I commented on this game in the taxi thread. In it I forgot to mention Melker Halberg, Christ, what a difference he makes to our midfield!!
  15. The game for me highlighted just how fine the line is between winning/losing/drawing in this league. We got bl##dy lucky on a couple of occasions with ball hitting post and bar then panic in the box. Recent performances suggest that had any of these been scored then heads would have dropped and we would probably have lost, with resulting ‘we are sh*te’ type comments on here and elsewhere. But heck, these chances did not get scored and we won so the performance was brilliant! I thought the current scapegoat Ali had a very good performance and seems to be more influential with each game. Also both wing-back looked good and agree with earlier comment about Muzz back in form. anyway, luck for St J has been sh*te this season so to balance it out we are going to get lucky for the rest of the season and finish 9th!