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  1. Are they going to test the turnstile operators? Don’t fancy going through that confined space at the best of times
  2. I thought Sheerin left Arbroath a few years ago. Isn’t d*** Campbell in charge now?
  3. Would compensation, if he got the NI job, be more than x months of salary saved until we appoint a new manager? I can’t see footy starting again in Scotland for a while yet, even if behind closed doors games would need players and staff testing each game and I don’t think clubs in Scotland can afford that.
  4. They each won their respective league titles in the same year. 2010 perhaps?
  5. Has he also played against St Johnstone?
  6. A quick guess, willy Caballero?
  7. A bit longer than me then, mid 90s I started.
  8. I’m the same, so am in the dark on what the story is. Probably just column filler crud anyway.
  9. Statement now on official site.
  10. At last, someone has included Sheerin! I reckon I must have been watching saints about the same length of time you have bh as that is pretty much my best XI and subs.
  11. Fixed for me too, ta.
  12. Me, today, after doing as suggested to overcome the problem of not going to unread message.
  13. Yes, me too on an iPad