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    More chance of finding out what happened to Lord Lucan 

    S'funny you should say that. I live in the middle of a country estate that used to be owned by Lord Eden. I have been told that after the murder Lucan lived for a short while in the cottage we now live in. When a local said to him that he looked like that Lucan fella he scarpered and has not been seen since.

    sorry to go off topic.

  2. A large number of uk MPs have a vested interest in the companies that make trident or in the banks etc that supply money to these companies. This is among both Tory and red Tory MPs. There should be rules in place that stop MPs voting in issues in which they can gain monetarily. I thought there was such a rule but it clearly did not apply in this vote.

  3. Bazm, how many teams are relegated each year? And is there a play off with a team from the second tier?

    i would love to go to Turkey again, although not sure I could afford it. Myself and babychunder wandered around the old town last time and had a great time. 

    Hopefully you guys will not get relegated.

  4. I don't think making my club suffer by not buying a season ticket is the way to go. You contradict yourself by saying a season ticket ban would make something happen but then say that Celtic would have more ST sales if the club supported an investigation. I do support any investigation into malpractice by football bigwigs and would hope there is a better way of getting it done. I do wonder though iff there was malpractice on this occasion what would happen or rather what could happen? Are there rules in place now that any proven malpractice would result in sanctions happening?

    btw, what is SFM?

  5. who cares I'm in the frikkin states along with Texas and a whole bunch of ex pats ...

    Why do people have to tell us there holiday plans you enjoyed the game on Twitter that's it  oh and by the way well done Saints you totally lifted the moral of all is ex pats that have to rely on shit rather than the real thing week in without  sorry did I mention I'm in the states 


    I think you mean a whole bunch of immigrants