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  1. Brilliant result, can't ask for more at a difficult place to get 3 points. Shaping up for a great season, next weekend will be key. COYS, belief and confidence is there....
  2. What a result, fantastic! Ando will be chuffed, just like all of us!!!...
  3. Just arrived from Budapest, looking for one ticket please, Saints end.
  4. Complete shamble. This is Magyar Saintee. Magyar Saintee does not have a ticket for Saturday. Magyar Saintee is still travelling over for the game to support his beloved Saints. Be like Magyar Saintee. COYS
  5. IF it does turn out to be Red Star Belgrade, and not tempting fate for our 1st round opponents, it is only 4 hours drive for me. Good option for Saintees would be to fly to Budapest ( and take a train to Serbia, it's what the Tartan Army did recently...Are we away from home first, so 16th??
  6. In the wikipedia Europa League page, it has us in the same pot as Vikingur from The Faroe Islands, not the team of the same name in Iceland...
  7. Fantastic achievement for Super Saints, sitting poolside in Budapest, bring on next Saturday. Caley supporter for 90 mins...
  8. Hi Rob, Bought my copy yesterday, what a great piece of work, lots of top drawer stuff. Like many others on here have said, you deserve a huge thanks from us all for all the huge effort you must have put in. Unfortunately I am now back in Hungary and will miss the game tomorrow. Did get to Zlaté Moravce last week and Dingwall on Sunday though, memorable trips! Will let you know when I am next over so we can hook up. Well done to you again
  9. Fully agree with Glenrothes Saintee, Slovak Rep is in Central Europe, as is Hungary. Having lived for four years in Ukraine the difference is much more than geographical
  10. I was at the Trnava game last night, crowd 2'940. Game was over by HT at 2-0, third was a penalty. Georgians were very poor, so it made Trnava look good but they are nowhere near the level of Lucerne. Zlaté Moravce is a one Main Street town, not much going on there. Vion Hotel was next to the stadium. Took me a good 1.5 hours to drive from Bratislava, it would be at least 2 hours by bus