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  1. i thought so but was not sure. Joma is better then nike stuff
  2. Hey u big brother SLF im planing to visit Perth next november so u should take me out im gonna write here before i come there and i wanna taste local drinks
  3. Im gonna buy one from teamwearscotland.com but im not sure which size is good for me coz sizes are different in every country! May be u guys can give me a suggestion? So im 1.83 and 80 kilos, should i buy large or xlarge. Thanks in advance
  4. Looks like we both will be out of europa! U guys have to win all games in final group and we have to beat fenerbahce in Turkish cup semi final first but all refs support them coz they will play semi final on uefa cup! i hope u guys and us will make some miracles and play again on europan stage. COYS
  5. nope Made on Bar's Street
  6. no need scooter im gonna carry him till home if he can survive on our table and i dunno whats bertha loch but im coming there with my wife so arrange cook lesson for her if its a man place
  7. man i will bring some but wont give u after ur performance in bus, u drunk all of it without water braw!
  8. i know he wont allow me to pay my drinks when i come to Perth. He has Turkish hospitality!
  9. @slf I didnt know its royal blue but got it now wont use sky anymore Lets make a deal i wild send u EfES as much as u want and u will buy me a new away kit btw this summer u may see me in Perth
  10. Hey Master, This is kinda great move and shirt looks awesome even better then our orginal home kit. EsEs fans are thinking and dicussing now for find an answer to this compliment. We have to make our away kit sky blue and white at least. Ppl says this is not normal probably werent in Eskisehir and miss fun at bar's street. We made something unusual, nobody cared about game after that street party so that away kit makes our unforgettable moments a good memory which we can have Me and 3 of my friends will buy this kit so far. Thank You Saintees Ps: slf if u answer me with ur Scottish style probably i wont understand half of ur saying
  11. darknEss

    Eses Day

    Yarinki mac formam hazir. There will be a Saintee on stands tomorrow @St_Johnstone_FC @stjohnstone1884 pic.twitter.com/yA4yP6gFtq — darknESS ⚡ (@okosku) February 22, 2013 here is the my suit for tomorrow. We will play against istanbul belediye so i decided to go there as a Saint
  12. There is no way to understand what we r talking about coz google thing is really bad turkish to english. Thats why i told u become member and give us some info about St. Johnstone
  13. I know its out of subject little but i want to inform u guys now u can become member of eskisehirspor.com and there is a new topic for St. Johnstone. Some of the EsEs fans following hearts game from that topic. Here is the link of topic http://www.eskisehirspor.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=4103&PN=6
  14. Sit down if u hate dundee. We hate dundee