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  1. We did not even have a tv 1958 so defenetly did not have a camera phone
  2. Recreation Park was Defenitly behind south lnch terrace i was brought up in the terrace and used to squeeze thro the tin fence and play on the grass which u could see was a football pitch at one time . It was a scrappy called Thompson that owned it at the time and he used to train harness horses round the cinder track .He was an evil so so and was always chasing us
  3. If u can remember the old fuds at the club wdnt run the buses because the young team was bad so me and scotty said we wud sort it the ones in the van driven by the big English boy were either banned or wanted to drink more and the good boys went on the bus he he he he we were all sainties till we die tho
  4. that was me and scotty watson if you remember the bus was ful of the young team of the day. When we stopped in Biggar we stood up and said that if they weren't back at a specific time the bus would leave without them. The driver true to form set of at said time leaving the conveners behind. Young teams were very loyal and were very abusive and threatening to the driver, he refused to drive the bus ever again. The conveners then jumped in a taxi and said follow that bus thinking they were in the movies. Any WAPS remember that day?
  5. Old Saintee's should remember the day jimmy got sent off cause he balled his eyes out and was unconsolable for half an hour and the crowd let the referee know I will never forget it
  6. Just checked in to the europe hotel where do I find anyone
  7. What r u all doing about getting ure drams or u just taken dollars
  8. That's me booked up tues 22.45 from heathrow get to yerevan 14-00 on wed
  9. What times are ure flights those people that have booked
  10. ive made my mind up land at istanbul 15-00hrs wednesday metro to esenler bus to eski dont care if i dont get to eski till midnight i will kip on the bus go to ibis meet up with the rest of the original cys if they ent tucked up in bed u never no at there age anyone about at these times for travelling
  11. im just looking into that now i fly into istanbul at 3 do u no the time off the evening ferry and wat time is the last bus to esk
  12. were on the same flight from munich mines is 6:40 from heathrow might see u before i fly out
  13. my flight arrives 14:55 munich prob the one ure on on my own out off heathrow wud like to tag along whith the crowd