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  1. Due to working every Saturday now I cant make most home games, but hopefully this will take off and bring a great atmosphere back to mcdiarmid, well done PerthSaints_1884!
  2. Proud of the club and well done to all who made it happen, al be sure to buy one like many, many saints fans!
  3. al try and get this one swapped at work so a can make it bois COYS
  4. Same boat as scob, dunno how i will make it to this one :/
  5. Seen that a while back so harsh, why scottish football has went downhill! in turkey i had a flare in bar street and it caused no harm to those around me and livened the atmosphere up even more. That story is about a flare being thrown against an elderly man, not just lighting the flare and letting it burn out, hurts no-one!!
  6. I never once said you were not a good fan for not singing but its just that a wouldn't choose to support my club in that manner. Separate sections for separate types of supporters ie family area, standing and non-standing areas, is the way forward for home matches in Scotland. However at away grounds and Hampden it is harder, as there is a mix of all supporters in one area. Why doesn't this league try and break away from the norm in the UK and allow 'safe' standing in areas of the stadium? The ormond stand would be a great place for this if the club wanted the 'volatile' section as you say away from away fans in the north stand or main stand. However, until the SFA/SPL changes there rules on standing at football, there is unlikely to be change anytime soon.
  7. Too many people like yourself in our support. Trying something to improve atmosphere and gain pride for our club is nothing to be quiet about. People who are not fans of a signing/sanding section should sit in the mainstand with a blanket and enjoy there quiet saturday afternoons at mcdiarmid. Its not about fighting or thinking your a big man its just about showing vocal support for OUR club, and being proud to be part of SJFC.
  8. not being picky just pointing out errors so they can be altered so as not to look unprofessional but great effort from those trying to spread the word!!
  9. dont know if anyone else noticed the wrong day for the 2nd as its actually a wednesday,
  10. Bridgeton, Barrowlands, Beirut are all the same to us
  11. gave it mooner as it was just good to see the boy back in saints colours and I thought he looked decent despite his lack of match time
  12. Me, Scobby and Spews walk through down town Beirut wasn't the best end to a 5-0 humbling. However a good booze in counting house and great crack at the game made it decent night in the end!!
  13. quite a few glasgow saints meeting in counting house before game if anyone else fancys a few alcoholic beverages before the game!
  14. Managed to get my shift swapped at work for once, so a would be partial to a few sly pints in counting house(or anywhere in city centre) before the game!