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  1. Equaliser for Montrose. We should pray for a home win as Kelty are difficult to beat irrespective of what division they currently are unbeaten in.
  2. There is, or must be, something sinister going on behind the scenes!
  3. No Callum Hendry in Killie squad tonight. Rumours of a January return to Perth.
  4. I can only have a 5 a side team! No keeper either!
  5. Ok, I didn’t mean in exactly the same position!
  6. I would ditch Booth and bring in Efe. That would be my only change.
  7. Rafa Benitez gets a vote of confidence from Everton owner………………….
  8. Richie Wellens gone from Donny Rovers. Not been there very long either
  9. Just like the season the legend that is John Connolly got! Just saying.
  10. They have to be provided with the ammunition to fire it. This shambles is born off the field.
  11. Timeous substitutions tonight please Mr Davidson.
  12. Some team has to pay for our profligacy in front of the onion bag. No better time than tonight to score a hatful.
  13. Stockport County spending decent sums to get back to the Football League so no chance of getting anything out of there.
  14. I was jesting BH. I doubt if we tried hard enough to keep him. He was very popular at the Player of the Year award just before he left.
  15. Saints reject/failure scores again for Well!
  16. We seem to like the “we have made him a really good offer” just in case it goes pear shaped and fans can then accuse the player of being greedy for wanting something better!
  17. Why do that, instead of waiting until he is signed, unless it is solely to appease those of us clamouring to see activity?
  18. Think the commentator said that Saints asked for Willis not to be cup tied.
  19. According to Faddy, Darvel were favourites. Apparently spending loads and recruiting from further up the pyramid. Max was ok in the 1st but indifferent in the 2nd. He could probably step it up a division.
  20. He played and showed a few decent touches but Darvel were better than Brechin in the 1st half. He was noticed by the commentary team but, although Brechin equalised in the 2nd, he was quieter.
  21. Tavernier was always out on loan at Newcastle and Wigan and did nothing at any of the clubs he was farmed out to. Rangers took a chance and he has been there years. Doubt he would have been on very much to begin with. Tells you all you need to know about the quality of football in Scotland.