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  1. Another header! Were both conceded from set pieces? Hearts appear to be totally dominant.
  2. Thanks, got my programme and teamsheet. Cheers. Braw
  4. ....which was before the article was posted, Wee mystic Davie
  5. Last seen sweating profusely in A&E
  6. Swanson confirmed in The Courier above.
  7. Think they just said 'another player to be added'.
  8. Celtic Hearts Hibs Aberdeen Sevco Kilmarnock Motherwell Saints Dundee St Mirren Hamilton Livingston
  9. Is the 'New' Scone Arms open yet?
  10. Cannot see anything relating to Fantasy League on the link. Senior, very Senior moment!
  11. Even from afar one can see this, and it has been so, for at least one season. Who is to blame for this? Coaches, Management or Heirarchy? Tommy seems to blame everyone else, and have you noticed his demeanor, and lack of eye contact, when doing interviews? Someone is past their use by date.
  12. One Matty out, one in. Only 23 years old and been on a bit of a journey. Hopefully he has not lost his way and TW has found a gem.
  13. Perhaps we would have been better if we had saved some cash and not travelled to Austria pre season, which would not have been cheap. Not so long ago wasn't warm weather training poo pooed? Does anyone really think another signing will be made before the first league game?
  14. Falkirk 12 Saints 9 Montrose 6 East Fife 3 Forfar 1