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  1. Does not miss. Sensational thread.
  2. I thought this was one of the worst posts I’ve read on here, but then I went to read your previous posts and the good news is your other posts are just as bad.
  3. Inverness... dearie me. So in your opinion our season is defined by what we do in the betfred cup and in a pre season friendly? Great post, would read again. #sarcasm
  4. Your club’s dead mate beat it.
  5. Ali91

    Euro Memories

    Been to Trondheim, Lucerne and Vilnius, and all three were great trips in their own right. Walking up to the English bar in Trondheim and seeing all the Saints flags flying outside, the march to the stadium, the feeling of ‘well we’ve scored too early, but we can always use that picture of being ahead against Rosenborg,’ and obviously the result and subsequent party. What an achievement that result was, one of our top five results in my time watching Saints. Luzern topped it though. The scenery, the weather, the 1000 strong travelling fans, the cup final buzz. For me that’s the pinnacle of watching Saints. Drinking in 30 degree heat by a beautiful lake in a sea of blue, flags all over the area. Macca’s goal, the bus back from the ground, the party afterwards. Memories. Regret not going to Turkey, but what a 5 years they were. Tommy Wright, king of Perth.
  6. I’ve read this opinion many, many times, but it completely misses out a very relevant point - we’ve finished fourth three times since, and never been in any danger of relegation, whilst completely rebuilding the squad to a younger, more athletic group, which everyone was crying out for. ‘The cup win was five years ago,’ suggests we’ve been pish since. We’ve qualified for Europe a further twice since then, the same amount of times we qualified in the 127 years before Tommy Wright came to Perth.
  7. I think sacking our best ever manager because we got knocked out of a cup competition before the season started is sound logic. We should ignore the fact that we’ve finished; 6th (cup win) 4th 4th 4th 8th 7th in his six full seasons previous. Barry Ferguson, who is doing an ok job in the fifth tier of Scottish football with a club that is being bankrolled, after being hounded out of Clyde, would be a great successor. I can’t see what could possibly go wrong. #tommyout #bazzain
  8. Football in glorious sunshine is the absolute one. For all the moaning at our season, we are currently the top team in Tayside by 26 (twenty six) points. I want us to go at them, they’re mince, we’ve got nothing to play for, let’s go for the jugular. Clark Foster Shaugnessy Gordon Tanser Callaghan Davidson O’Halloran Swanson Kennedy Kane Release the hounds.
  9. While this might be true, (although I’d argue that someone posting WATP on a St Johnstone forum doesn’t deserve too much respect), it’s also a very (subconsciously) biased perspective. Essentially calling one of our coaches a bully on a public forum is a big accusation and I’d be extremely wary about how much that opinion is clouded by the decisions made at the club in regards to releasing players.
  10. Not entirely convinced that taking advice from a Rangers* fan on what to demand from our club is a great idea tbh.
  11. Muzz played against Motherwell, Livi, st Mirren, Hamilton, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock in that great run. He only missed the Hibs game during that spell.
  12. Saints were fantastic today. Willock looks a great addition, Kane looks twice the player we let go in august and Muzz is a monster. We outplayed hearts today and were extremely unlucky not to win the game. The reason the forum, @HertsAgain, has been happy clapper central the last few years is because we've won a Scottish cup and finished fourth three years running. What an utterly bizarre criticism to make.
  13. Utter, utter scenes. Designated driver today, just had a very lively journey back via Cowie and Inverkeithing. What a day, what supporting our diddy team is all about. The amount of days like today TW and his teams have given us is incredible. What a beautiful man.
  14. Get on to @Radford 72 about that one, anti St Johnstone bias on there has led to an unjust banning!