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  1. Your moving the goalposts....I said use 10-15% of McCann pot as an insurance policy to get in a couple of rock-stars on loan.
  2. Its a forum....doing some what if's! Frugal Broon hedge to keep SPL profits in his vault with a piece of his McCann pie.
  3. Split it into 2 and get in a couple of studs at $5k a week if you think that gaps too egregious, my points the same, insurance to stay up as we rebuild. We are unlikely to sign/find these types of players you refer to in January. Im not worried about other players reactions, Im sure they'd be happy to stay in the top flight. Look at the stud that came on for last 10 mins yesterday, say we can get him at $5k a week when his stopover ends in Jan for an extended loan. And as another poster mentioned, maybe these guys would come in for less, who knows. Just think bigger and use the war chest as an SPL protection fund.
  4. This is the way we are trained to think. No idea if this guy is any good, but 3-6 months at say $10k/week is $120-$240k. What's that, like 10-15% of the money made from McCann? Insurance policy to try and keep in premiership, what's that worth?
  5. Thought we were in for a more fun, open game after we scored, but will probably be a 'hang on' event now ...
  6. Well this will be a long second half without Bryson
  7. Here comes the in hand
  8. ****in hell.....this is brutal
  9. saintees seem to be outsinging it!