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  1. Like we have here with Cleveland Browns, maybe have a tailgate with TV's or a big screen outside Hampden? Be just small 'family' groups, no mingling, just drive up with car, bevvy it up, bit of fun and then when we win, players can do a wee drive around the tailgate parking lot with the cup and you can throw bottles at the bus, shoot off fireworks and jump onto tables.... , ok, maybe a stretch.... How about a car convoy to the stadium of saints fans with flags and sh*t hanging off cars.... driving with the team bus? Will they allow our flags (and expat flag!) to be draped across seats in the fan sections?
  2. could have sworn i saw some people at the semi, not a lot, but some quiet shadows dotted around.....are some families allowed?
  3. Just read this Martindale story, had no idea ..... can see why people will want the movie ending here with him raising the cup. Unfortunately for him, this will be our rags to riches year as we can counter with Zanders new TV story
  4. Off hibs forum .... pretty true statement 11 minutes ago #120 Just spoke to my St.Johnstone pal He said its the worst they've played all season
  5. still choppy waters, some crew asleep at the helm..... heavy sailing ahead
  6. beaut....weathered the storm and actually took our first real chance
  7. premier sports is saying on my registration...anyone else had this issue? "Content is only available to view in the UK. GAA programming is not available on the streaming service.
  8. Joe lewis looked shite today....but can't drop him below zander as it doesn't fit the stat rhetoric.
  9. No stats on defenders, midfielders, miscues, crosses defended, weather, missed chances, striker shots on target vs attempts, missed sitters, poor marking, angle and power of shot, swerve of ball, 'should have shot' instead of pass, sun glare .... ya di da Just this 'indisputable' stat on goalies, but not any other factors that create the overall team / player performance that impacts keeper performance and confidence in their back line. Our own manager, who spends hours upon hours with Zander, says he's the guy, so should CD be fired for being so stupid as he can't read these stats and not switch him? If Zander had the best stats in the league, but two terrible games on the trot, with dozens of errors, and same in practice, would stats matter to the manager or any of us? Players confidence is crucial ... great boost all round lets keep witch hunting Zander, who looked confident and didn't put a foot wrong.