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  1. Never seen such domination from a saints side as we were in the first half, second half not as good. Should have had more from the strikers today... plenty of great positions created. Not sure how we beat play rangers/celtic, but big Rooney will be a threat we didnt see today
  2. Livi beating aberdeen....repeat final on the cards
  3. May-MOH Another great goal...
  4. thats the perfect start....great job saintees!! May-Guy again
  5. Will be fine... 10 seconds before kick off, we will be off to the races
  6. saving cup hero zander for the semis? Thought he'd been playing well, his big punches been much more effective
  7. 1. Rooney 2. Spoony 3. Zanderooni
  8. Grafted out the win there....decent enough game, thought ref was poor all over the park. Keep rolling saints....
  9. ooofffttt Zander making it entertaining. Dumb penalty, rock star save!
  10. get in....sweet link up there!!
  11. i just paid deetv....pretty easy. Saints TV is audio only
  12. Easton does us a good un edit - apparently bbc were wrong, Munro