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  1. great news, great choice - hope it comes through
  2. I'm not advocating to open anything up right now, I just pushed our 'back to office' notice to be reviewed again in June, even though our Guv is saying May 1 to start opening up. That said, I dont see why we cant get football going again in some fashion in June, behind closed doors...I think we could all use a bit of entertainment as this thing is sucking us and our emotions dry. Im not going to attempt to guess on what the structure could be, just get ****in playing, even if some new Corona Cup/friendlies. process? Test every spfl player/match day staff/refs/TV crew Everyone should already be under quarantine already - make it a condition of being part of this, stay in your house, if you dont, you're off the list, put tracking devices on 'em Check for fevers on match day, anyone over 100 gtf home Test every week Games will probably be a shit show but clubs could charge for the TV viewing I realize folks will say football is low on the pecking order, dont waste tests on sports when they could be used on nurses. I get all that, and above would be once you have the front line covered. Maybe thats not June, I dont know.... Just dont think we should underestimate the impact/benefit globally to open up some aspects of our countries, at low risk, and the good energy that entertainment can bring in a crisis.
  3. doing a big salary slash at our company, saints should push for the same as this thing will fuk up footy for the rest of the year
  4. This is on point It's what we're being told by local Cleveland clinic specialists, the key is this burns out and we have a vaccine in place for winter wave. Ohio is being aggressive on this, hopefully rest of the country and UK follows.
  5. Agree. Interesting situation here in the states where you have 50 independent decision makers versus just the central government.
  6. china side saying, dont worry about toilet paper, just make sure you have coffee, apparently they ran out!! Id rather be doing the flannel on my arse than no cup of Joe in the morning. Kids are going to be a nightmare for me also if this drags on.... thanks god for x-box right now
  7. We just made a decision today to have all our employees to work from home, across all 43 offices in the US. Not sure why the UK is behind on all this, is there any reason why Scotland hasn't mandated any bans on large gatherings? I agree, it feels very contradictory.
  8. I said that China completely shut down for 4-6 weeks! Our china operations/businesses are back at work, open for business, having lunch in restaurants out and about with clients...only exception is our Wuhan office that remains closed. We do temp readings on any visitors/trucker etc coming to our locations. So based on this, is why I'm thinking late June for western countries, especially if they do hard lock downs like we are seeing in the US. Here's an article outlining attractions being re-opened also. I'm in the freight business, and we are on calls with China daily. Outbound vessels and customers volumes/forecasts are back to 80% levels, year over year. Bookings/volumes strengthening across all sectors. So from our perspective, things are normalizing there, as well as SE Asia. I believe that governments/private sector will come together and we will see a vaccine in record time, I think 12-18 months is extremely unlikely.
  9. I believe things will ease back back late June based on closely following our china operation and their feedback on the cycle. But they shut everything down for 4-6 weeks once they realized the severity, west has been slow to follow suit. Virus will come back again in 4th quarter, and by then we should have as good a vaccine as we can in place...our governor is very aggressive here, saying schools will probably be out for rest of school year (shut for 4 weeks now), and shut down all restaurants, bars, public gatherings starting 9pm tonight. Odd and scary times, think ill be more on the preppers forums than footy ones for a while!
  10. so worst case scenario, all games canceled for rest of season, would the uk govt not step in with special funding to support sports teams? Maybe a flat sum for every club, depending on level, so clubs run outside of their means, dont get an advantage. Very unusual anti-social virus, cant imagine anyone would want it to unravel social structures long-term.
  11. ****in ridiculous the BBC says we were "pummelled" , so disrespectful an untrue version of events.... apparently we had 77% possession as well, go figure... such poor reporting.
  12. we deserve something, worked our socks off