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  1. for a team that can lack creativity, he makes silk out of a pigs ear on a regular basis.... least he's trying stuff
  2. defence looked very solid.... better side, best chances and lets hope next week we click with goals and the same defending All good to build on here.... Thought refereeing was dire.... united got away with all sorts of niggly shit
  3. ....nice to see 5 in the net, May played hungry and seemed sharp, spooner fantastic for first half, Murry gives us a bit of grit .....better still we created gilded chances, truly could have been 10 .....poor defending, but accies took their few chances well Enjoyed the game, commentators were great and no dark clouds to start my saturday. Thanks @!!!!
  4. good lord ..... please can we just defend!!!!!!!
  5. stress of the browns tomorrow.... need a neck rub
  6. kmon --- you kidding me - just for once can we enjoy a relaxing, easy win without stress
  7. lovely jubbly ..... 7-0 on its way
  8. these are the really big games for us ... bring that celtic game intensity saints for 90 mins.
  9. You raise a fair point..... here's my response. This team needs to play at the intensity they did against Celtic against any lower level team, bottom premier teams, non-league/brechin...whoever. Believe they did that somewhat today from watching the game, which is a positive, they kept pressing. First few games I watched we felt soft, lacked hunger....maybe this is/was as much on CD ,being new etc as the players, so this win brings more confidence and fun to the dressing room however you slice it. They gained big confidence from the Celtic game, they will gain 'happiness' and some confidence from the dispatch job today ..... i feel a run of wins on their way.
  10. ahhh, theres the nice wee buzz, fukin amatures