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  1. always struggled trying to get bbc, even with a vpn.....also no iphone / i player. if anyone else knows a good site, or ppv option, please post
  2. Won't take many of them to make a racket...... On March 18, 2011, Galatasaray recorded the loudest crowd roar in a sport stadium. Guinness World Records reported that the fans' chants were as loud as 131.76 decibels (dBA). Here is the decibel comparison chart.
  3. Will there be an allowance for away fans based in the UK....hard to keep up.
  4. Thanks for responses, guess i need to get over myself and remember who we are.... small conservative club with limited ambition due to fiscal responsiblility. Im not saying that negatively or sarcastically, is what it is. Just would be a hard pill, with cup double, if players were flogged on the cheap.... Probably need to join all the fukers over here that support EPL and swan over their billion dollar signings.
  5. you sell three of our best players for say 1m and alternative is zero in a year. Im going to make assumption we end up with a worse team, not a stretch as this is an incredible unit that just pulled off a miracle year. So whats the monetary cost/benefit of: reduced league position, say we could get 3rd/4th/5th or end up 9th? good cup run versus poor? better gates with better football from higher league position possible improved europe run No idea any if saints sell, but surely above is worth more than 1mil? Am I missing anything here? Can the players demand to leave or something, as they'd get better salaries?
  6. These offers are insane.....are we still looked at as a club that will bite your hand off for any cheeky offer? Are we?
  7. Zander to Kane for me. I'm unable to take emotion out of it, it was one of the most glorious moments I've ever experienced watching of those Incredulous, dramatic, explosive goals that defies logic....and the bonus of who it was against. Add in Zanders overall cup performance (both cups), he was on blinding form and huge reason behind our double.
  8. what a team....what a day....we will forever remember this bunch
  9. That goal....what a team effort....sublime cross......and big baldy bullet head!
  10. been on bevvy , explaining to like minded browns fans just how big a game this is for a wee club like ours, lot of similarities and true sports fans here.... cant wait, whatever the result its been a fantastic year .... knocking out *** with a keeper header is going to be a memory i will forever cherish.
  11. Impossible to get BBC in the US, even with its on premier again?