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  1. Grafted out the win there....decent enough game, thought ref was poor all over the park. Keep rolling saints....
  2. ooofffttt Zander making it entertaining. Dumb penalty, rock star save!
  3. get in....sweet link up there!!
  4. i just paid deetv....pretty easy. Saints TV is audio only
  5. Easton does us a good un edit - apparently bbc were wrong, Munro
  6. so solid at the back .... just cant make it happen up front. Frustrating
  7. she likes the punch power of zander though.... seems healthily biased to us
  8. thats a strong looking team.....get in you saintees!!
  9. McCart for me, was everywhere with key defensive plays
  10. Will take the points, but that wasn't much to watch.... some champagne legs still maybe.
  11. this is brutal.... up to the big zander now to hold firm
  12. This happened in the final for me, hit refresh on WAP and saw "Rooney!!!" then he scored a moment later
  13. what a finish to a great build up.... keep piling it intae them saints
  14. lets get some entertainment.... end to end slugfest
  15. missed game, watched highlights, the goal he scored was a peach, hell of a finish and i think beat the offside trap to perfection. How was his partnership with May?
  16. rooney is a beast, physically and mentally....this win could push him to even greater things
  17. What a result!!!!! Cant believe Im about to see the emotion of holding a second cup! Callum had tough decisions all the way to this final in terms of who played and who stayed on the bench, but tactically you played a blinder in this cup run!!!