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  1. Thank you to everyone who send their condolences. It is really a big shock and sadness for us. He was not only a good player but also a very good man. Lots of people cried for him today. Although he sometimes play in first 11, he never made it a problem for himself or for his team. He also liked to make jokes ever time. His last tweet was just 2 hours before his death. He said '' Necati do you targeting my place?''. The new transfer of ESES from Galatasaray Necati Ateş wore Ediz's jersey during the signing ceremony. (Ediz was a defense player, Necati is a striker.)
  2. Bye Europe... Long live Eskişehir St. Johnstone friendship.
  3. We need a miracle from now on We have to score 2 goals.
  4. ESES is playing with Marseille in second leg now. Min 15 Marseille 1 ESES 0. There is St. Johnstone flag and Scotland flag in ESES tribunes
  5. Bad day for Saints. Played better with 10 players in the second half and had some chances to score. Next week will be at home I guess. Against which team ?
  6. Can it be like that ? SA SA SA JO JO JO SAJO SAJO SAJO...
  7. Well done Saints. I wish you a successful season. I hope you finish league second after Celtic. ESES can not beat Marseille with this performance. We have to show our best football against them.
  8. I guess there is not any ESES fans around. Damn visas
  9. hehe that is too much for every team even Barca would not give it I do not know the impact of being sister clubs. Maybe we can observe it in the future.
  10. Eskişehirspor president Halil Ünal said in Edinburgh '' from our side St. Johnstone is sister club of Eskişehirspor from now on.
  11. Are they wearing red-black uniform ? Young or old fans? you may start taking photos to share