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  1. And they might be waiting for COVID-19 test results
  2. With the season about to start, is it time to adapt some of our songs for the current situation? Altogether now: We hate corona virus We hate swine flu too. We hate all pandemics But FITBA’ WE LOVE YOU!
  3. Also, on p.101, the colorised picture from 1890 offers an oblique view on the right of the photo.
  4. There’s one on p.94 from 1878. Otherwise not much from that end of Tay St. A few from the other end showing the Sheriff court building.
  5. From OS: Will concession Season Ticket holders have access to Saints TV as well? Yes, all Season Ticket holders will have access to Saints TV with the exception of those in the 12 and under category who receive free Season Tickets. All 12 and under Season Tickets are issued with an adult ticket therefore the household will still have access to Saints TV
  6. The first 2 home games are on Sky so unavailable on PPV, presumably the club will post details about future matches in due course.
  7. Suddenly, my senior season ticket looks extremely good value!
  8. There is a Buckie near Balquhidder which is thought to be derived from “boc” in Gaelic or “bowk” in Welsh (source: Wikipedia) which both mean buck as in male deer. Perhaps there were a lot of deer in the Buckie Braes area once.
  9. My understanding was that the digital season ticket would last until things were fully back to normal, ie when every seat could be filled and every fan who is shielding could attend. If not, I too will be reconsider my decision to purchase a season ticket.
  10. If so, would it be the same people who had the Washington cafe in Letham in the ‘60s?
  11. Took me a while to orientate myself to this one but I presume that’s St Leonard’s bridge just left of the station and Edinburgh road towards the bottom. Photos from this era show how important the railway was to Perth’s economy.
  12. I too was struck by this story, I knew nothing about it until I saw that photo. From what I’ve read I would hope that were this to happen today, the girl would be treated with more respect and compassion than she seemed to be shown at the time. Looking forward to the book popping through my letterbox. I’d also never heard of Cuddies strip before although I’ve been up Buckie braes a few times.
  13. Wow, such great photos Bluedog from way way back. Only shop I remember is Bob Croll.
  14. I’m considering buying a season ticket for the first time, partly because of the games being screened live on Saints tv and also having more time on my hands now, would be able to travel to Perth more often to attend games when they start re-admitting fans. I can access Sky sports so it would not have made any difference to me but I’m pleased to hear that ST holders without Sky are still likely to be able to watch all home games.
  15. I’m confused too. Does this mean that all matches where an attendance of more than 500 is expected should be cancelled or can they still go ahead subject to a maximum “crowd” 0f 500?