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  1. A great day indeed, didn’t think I’d have much to add to what’s been said already but on reflection there are some reverse parallels with the 1969 final. I remember that being a game of “what ifs”. What if Henry Hall had managed to score when he was put through in the first minute? What if Benny Rooney’s shot in the second half had not been successfully tipped round the post? This time, what if Zander had failed to make that crucial save in the first half? But it was Saints’s day and another for the memory books. Around 1990 I said to my dad that I predicted Saints would win a major trophy in my lifetime. He just laughed. We now have two but sadly not in his lifetime, he died in 1999. I bought a season ticket for the first time this year and if I had any nagging doubts about renewing it they are well and truly dispelled no matter how Saints do in the rest of the season or how the COVID-19 situation develops. Can’t wait till I can start travelling to Perth to make good use of the season ticket.
  2. Oops, looking at it further it was probably Lord Forteviot. Apologies, I need a history lesson.
  3. Back in the 70s a friend had a summer job at the Royal Perth golf club as a barman. Lord Mansfield came in at lunchtimes and asked for a whisky, which of course had to be Dewars without further inquiry. My mate just could not summon up the courage to ask him “Would you like to try a Bells for a change today , sir?”
  4. Great game, well worth the £15 and no tech glitches
  5. Opened this day in 1960, a silent film of the ceremony can be seen here: https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/2609 I was in primary 2 at Goodlyburn then but don’t remember getting time off to go and see the queen but have vague memories of the Rannoch road newsagents selling flags.
  6. Nearly half way through, a good read and a real page turner. Enjoyed the virtual launch last night, looking forward already to your next novel and in time, the trilogy. I would recommend it as a Christmas stocking filler.
  7. Me too, presume they’ll startup nearer kickoff.
  8. And they might be waiting for COVID-19 test results
  9. With the season about to start, is it time to adapt some of our songs for the current situation? Altogether now: We hate corona virus We hate swine flu too. We hate all pandemics But FITBA’ WE LOVE YOU!
  10. Also, on p.101, the colorised picture from 1890 offers an oblique view on the right of the photo.
  11. There’s one on p.94 from 1878. Otherwise not much from that end of Tay St. A few from the other end showing the Sheriff court building.
  12. From OS: Will concession Season Ticket holders have access to Saints TV as well? Yes, all Season Ticket holders will have access to Saints TV with the exception of those in the 12 and under category who receive free Season Tickets. All 12 and under Season Tickets are issued with an adult ticket therefore the household will still have access to Saints TV