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  1. Until there's a similar one with the team showing off 2 trophies ;-p My favourite strip, would love if we played a season in a remake of that kit.
  2. Could be one player developed symptoms on the Saturday/Sunday, had their test this week, cane back positive and they now have to isolate for 10 days since start of symptoms. Other 3 are close contacts so have to isolate for 10 days from last contact which is presumably Tuesday.
  3. https://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/news/article/club-statement-1-2 Guess we find out which 4 on Sunday.
  4. The crux of this seems to be the JRG's advice on the night that the match could go ahead safely. The SPFL are even quoted as saying "There has been no recorded case, worldwide, of any on-pitch transmission of Covid-19" While I have no doubt those figures are correct the SPFL will only have data from a period where it's unlikely positive players would have mixed with teammates and/or been in and around a facility on match day. The situation this week does seem to be different. But if the advice was clear, even in this case, it does suggest there is now little risk from any adult, outdoor football. While I believe the JRG were correct and risk was low to non existent, the onus was on them and the SPFL to convince the players involved it was safe. We've all, quite rightly, been under the cloud of covid restrictions for so long it's not difficult to have sympathy for any player feeling nervous being in such close proximity to other players who have likely been in close contact with a positive case.
  5. Can we all spare a thought for Premier Sports who will now feel their season has gone to sh*t
  6. mike_gain

    Scottish Cup

    I thought he did, looked like a clean punch to me.
  7. mike_gain

    Scottish Cup

    I'm gonna have to run up to Dens at half time with some decent mics for this pair!
  8. mike_gain

    Scottish Cup

    Anyone else only getting the home commentary on the PPV?
  9. Is the 46 not just up to the end of the 2016/17 season? If so the end of next season will have us on 51 in the top flight.
  10. Let's finish 5th AND win the cup.
  11. I think Melamed is fine with the more agricultural side of the game, just some comments in the past from Davidson about his adjusting. Good should on loan. Really feel this defensive unit, if kept together can be one of our best. Sorry to say I have a feeling Martindale might not be in charge this time next year. Think his story is great and he's obviously done really well to date but I think it will be a difficult "2nd" season. Davidson on the other hand seems to ve growing in confidence. So many would have played the same team as last week (and perhaps they would have won too) but he had the confidence to play his team with his tactics and he got the win. Excited for next season.
  12. Dominated that.....scoreline didn't help the nerves though. Melamed missing was disappointing but Davidson got it right....perhaps he figured Livi would be too physical for him. Not for me to argue, we won. Rooney's stock must be growing. Solid defensively, effective going forward and our first aerial threat in the box for what seems like decades. What a turn around for him....dropped to the bench then got his place and took it. Not sure of Scotland calls are a bit premature but we'll struggle to hang on to him if he carries on with this form. Dare I say that Macnamara's recall was the best bit of transfer business for us? Loved Danny but Rooney seems more of a threat overall.
  13. Melamed also won the free kick that led to the 2nd. Fantastic performance.
  14. Melamed involved in all 3 goals. Him and Kane have to be first picks from now on. May can't hold onto the ball as well. Great result given our next fixtures. Great to see performances turning into results. Deserved win today.