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  1. We were given option of seats in either East or Main stand, got a call at the start of the week.
  2. Still can't wrap my head around this. Fair enough Ali (and his agent) wanted a move but that late in the day PNE should have had to pay a premium given the damage it will do to our season. Yeah there might be potential add-ons but they might never kick in and we'll be left spunking our 1M on loan wages making other teams better. We should have sold last week for 1 million. The extra £200,000 does not come close to making up for losing such a good player at such a late stage. To only have loan players as replacements for the 2 we lost is even worse, I'm not expecting some marquee signing but after last season, the uefa money, the increased season ticket uptake and much bigger crowds this season I did expect some absolute unit brought in at the back as a permanent replacement and some kind of change up front. Real downer yesterday, feel sorry for the players coming in, he'll of a pressure to step up straight away.
  3. So everyone will get a ticket then?
  4. I think the issue was not being able to ensure new sign ups had to pay while at the same time ensuring it wasn't a open sale. Totally strange situation given all the circumstances at play.
  5. I'm aware of that, doesn't change the fact that no season ticket holder had to buy a ticket. Regardless of the reasons many season ticket holders got an unexpected wee bonus at the expense of other fans.
  6. I'll admit I was a little surprised when I saw tickets were for sale yesterday and were open to everyone but despite our season tickets being picked specifically so i have space behind to dump my kids' stuff and with a better view, I'm not bothered in the slightest that we're not in our seats, just excited to be at another great occasion. I got 3 seats together without any issue....even 2 hours after the tickets went on sale. I get that there's probably an expectation that season ticket holders get first crack at tickets, been that way for years, but in my mind entry to Galatasaray at no extra cost more than makes up for that. Those who renewed their tickets probably have a case though as they won't have had any additional benefit but on the flip side the arrangements for Lask have ensured that plenty other fans, many who may be loyal fans but don't have a season ticket for whatever reasin, can get to the game without the pain of sitting on the phone.....and let's not forget this gives the staff in the ticket office a break. Arrangements for the disabled probably also need looking at for future high demand games though I think those supports should get first crack at the tickets. However yesterday has been made out as a fiasco but I see Saints pretty much selling out in a matter of hours as fantastic.....2 sellout crowds in 2 weeks with a high demand league game in between, we'll have plenty cash to "encourage" the home office to move a bit quicker with their visa applications.
  7. Pick the 2nd adult ticket option in the list and you should be good.
  8. I don't think we can lay much blame at Saints' door regarding the ticketing system. While it can be argued they have "gone on the cheap", why shouldn't they? Our ticketing system doesn't need to be premium and going premium is a trap so many businesses fall into during procurement. Saints have been caught out by a set of very unique circumstances, largely out of their control, that has exposed flaws in our setup but that should in no way be a trigger to start chucking money at premium systems, the cost to benefit ratio just wouldn't add up. We take the one off hit and move on. Now if the stadium is looking empty on Thursday, questions will need to be asked but if it's near to the current capacity I struggle to see what the argument is?
  9. Really hope UK based Galatasaray fans are given an allocation. Game will be better with a dedicated away end rather than Galatasaray fans spread around the stadium but also there will be plenty of UK based Galatasaray fans looking to get tickets for this, how do we stop them buying up tickets?
  10. That's the difference a striker makes. We don't really have one.
  11. Phone will be ringing tommorow with clubs looking to sign McCann if he keeps this up. Very decent first half, settled after first 15 minutes against a first rate side. Rooney caught a few times but he's got a really tough job.
  12. Probably also worth mentioning the entry times are staggered per row (at least in the Ormond). I've to be there between 11:30 and 12:00!
  13. Cheers, will give the office a call tomorrow.
  14. Has anyone got a ticket in the Ormond stand yet. Phoned a couple of weeks ago and was advised to email but have heard nothing since the email confirming my interest. Happy to be patient if the office is busy but if others are getting their Ormond tickets I may have fallen off a todo list.
  15. Aye, had plenty of "but you didn't beat the Old Firm to win it" comments since 2014 so we've put that to bed but let's not forget we also beat the only other team to beat Rangers and nullified the "best Hibs team in years". Yesterday gives me the most satisfaction, given the season and the weeks running up to the final. Watching the highlights we did stroll it a bit, more so than 2014. Cup doubles are not easy or it would have been done several times before by other clubs. We're the only club to win 2 trophies who have never won the league. To cap it off we did it with an almost exclusively Scottish squad with a large number of home grown players, a couple of fans in the team and a manager who has such a history with us without the benefit of a wealthy owner pumping millions into the club. I do have a real feeling that an acheiment on this scale will never be repeated in my lifetime.