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  1. Wotherspoon will likely be moved to centre mid although I'm pretty sure McNamara said at one point he could play there. Wouldn't be a bad should, looks a cracking player. At least we're not loosing early goals this season.
  2. thing is both Aberdeen and Hibs made plenty of mistakes we just never look like taking advantage.
  3. Team look so comfortable the whole game defence looked solid which is a positive. But we never look like putting a team under pressure in the final 3rd despite a lot of hard work. I'm not entirely convinced by the penalty.
  4. This stream is a little embarrassing.
  5. Aye picture frozen with me too...still getting audio, but audio quality is awful.
  6. I don't really have an issue with our game being off and the possibility of the Hamilton and Celtic games going ahead. Our game is off because as of yesterday nobody was in a position to say that Aberdeen FC and their players and staff had followed all the protocols so potentially the whole travelling party were a risk. If Aberdeen FC have behaved themselves and it's just these 8 who are a risk the midweek game will go ahead, if that can't be proven the game is off. Adherence to these protocols is being taken very seriously with several training sessions at grass roots level being monitored so I'm not surprised such a clear breech has resulted in Aberdeen FC effectively being told to sit down, shut up and wait till we've searched your locker. Yeah it sucks for us but that's just the way it is at the moment. Don't see any point making an issue of who gets to play a weakened Aberdeen. If the midweek game can go ahead it should. However once all those involved have recovered I can't see any issue with them being handed a lengthy ban, which would send out the right message but also conveniently ensure we are not at a disadvantage in terms of strength of side we play on the 20th.
  7. Am I the only one wondering why the players involved haven't been handed a lengthy ban? Don't want to paint this with too much hyperbole but these player will have put people's health at risk for several days, not just Aberdeen FC staff but you can bet they don't keep 2m in the shops or sanitise regularly. Had 8 players been caught betting they'd be in trouble, Considine put a player at risk, got a red card and has a ban. But putting a whole community at risk, with an additional risk to spreading it beyond a community and a real chance of football being stopped again...with all that this would bring....surely that's at least equal in severity to putting a few bets on. No way the game should be on tomorrow and while it inconveniences and probably disadvantages Saints that's just the way it is but these players can't just be getting off with a fine. A message should be sent out to players and wider society that f**king about with this virus isn't an option. We all want a bit of normality but that is off the cards and lockdown isn't the easy fix when cases spike it causes people harm. I'm probably overreacting due to being close to several impacts this virus has had but f**k sake, first weekend and it goes to sh*t!
  8. mike_gain

    New Manager

    Considering this reporter's record on Saints news I'd say this is a very promising tweet:
  9. Sad to see him go but he owes the club and fans nothing. Best manager I'm likely to see and I feel sorry for the replacement. Looks like this has been on the cards for a while, whatever the reasons are. Glad he's left on amicable terms, leaving a great squad (well, at least it is at the moment), with no hint of am embarrassing Hearts/Dundee esque drama. Hope he gets the NI job, must still be a candidate. Only worry i have is that Tommy seems to have been the reason a lot of players come/stay/return. Will the squad have as good a relationship with the new manager. Hopefully this saves us a wee bit of cash and gives us time to look for a replacement. Hoping for a left field appointment as would hate to see a former great come in and leave under a cloud again. Would love if Cuptie could be involved though at some level. The football landscape north and south of the border is going to look vastly different when things start up again, perhaps Saints will be in a very good position to take advantage of players and managers looking for a new, stable employer. It'll be a buyers market with every club cutting their cloth.
  10. The 33 game cutoff seems fair enough.....but I also think calculating final points an position based on the method suggested is fine too. Sucks for Hearts and Partick (and probably Raith and Falkirk) and will impact non playing staff but as my wife gets up to go to do another 12 hour shift at the hospital I find myself giving very few f***s about 2 clubs who have been awful all season and had ample opportunity to not be bottom of the league in March. Yeah it might not feel fair to call a season early or base positions on assumed points gained but that's where we are. The season will not be completed and all suggestions of restructuring are a waste of time and bring with them too many complications (and financial penalties which will impact non playing staff at every club) to be worth the hassle of not delegating Hearts and Partick. The most pragmatic solution is to call time on the season and prepare for next season....whatever form that takes and put an end to this embarrassing circus we have at the moment where football clubs have it in their minds they have something important to say at the moment, special mention to Statement FC I mean FFS. In all honesty at the moment i don't care what happens. I've got more on my mind at the moment,along with so many others with whatever this situation has dealt them. I guess I'm just envious of so many others have the time and energy to spare on something so frivolous as football.....and I'm not talking about fans.
  11. The US will suffer as much of an economic shock if they ignore the threat and lift social distancing measures too far and too soon. The unemployment figures could easily be equaled by fatality figures if demand in hospitals outstrips capacity. On top of that how does the economy function when a large proportion of it are sick and the rest scared of getting sick? No easy answers here for any country....but the US has the biggest disadvantage in that the President is way out of his league yet thinks he's on top of it all. June is a possibility though if measures stay in place. Hopefully Scotland will peak in the next couple of weeks and we'll start the see the impact of social distancing.
  12. Another brutal game. We'll not win any game this season where Kane is the lone striker. He does put a load of effort in but with no support he just can take advantage of anything that end of the pitch. Shocking goal to give away but defence looked pretty comfortable most of the game. Need to see highlights but impression from behind the goal was Zander hesitated when he should have cleaned everyone out to get the ball before the decisive strike. The fact he never roared at everyone makes me think he is disappointed with himself. Our main issues continue to be in the centre of midfield which gives little protection for the defence and seems unable to pick out a pass for our forwards. Big positive was seen Wright back on the pitch. He is a level above our squad in terms of attitude and ability. Be happy to see him on the right with one of MOH/Kennedy in beside May and the other on the left. Monday is going to be a big day, really missed Foster today, Duffy not yet at this level yet but showed ablot of promise. Ref was poor but not why we lost.
  13. Depending who (if anyone) we get to replace Foster we might be weaker on paper but our success in the past has been built on teamwork and this is at least the 3rd offence, certainly the 3rd that is public. If he did loose the rag at being asked to do a drill again the correct vice captain's response would be to go out and do it again and encourage the rest of the team to get the finger out. Foster is a pretty good player for us but if he's becoming that disruptive then Tommy has no choice. Hope he wakes up and sorts himself out off the back of this. As a side note I hope that some members of the team ****ing about during training is a one off and not a regular occurrence.
  14. First half was awful, 2nd goal was as bad a goal as I've seen us concede. The kids and I agreed at half time if Livi got to 4 in the second half (something that was entirely possible at that point) that we'd leave....something I've never thought of doing before. Everyone was sloppy and slow with nobody wanting the ball. 2nd half was better but we seemed to be helped by Livi sitting back for whatever reason. But couldn't relax as I don't have confidence in our ability to defend from the middle of the pitch back to the goal and long balls to Kane were useless. Until we get another option Hendry should start with Kane, he brought some energy and a bit of passion, glad he got his goal. Ref was awful for both sides, really inconsistent and how Kane can be clobbered while taking a throw in and the offender only gets a yellow card is beyond me. I do wonder what Tommy's reasons were for coming out early after half time. Perhaps he gave them a roasting and was giving the players some time alone to discuss it among themselves.
  15. Confidence looks gone. Nobody wanting the ball, no urgency and no real command in midfield or at that back. Very poor, striker won't solve this and this team should be better. New centre half looks out of his depth.
  16. Defence has been a worry for a while now.Pity we couldn't have gotten Cuptie in as a coach this season
  17. Lack of goals wasn't our issue today. An inability to defend as a team was and has been for so many months. Celtic are just better at exposing this as they can finish their chances. Don't want to go over the top just yet but you'd imagine we had a good number of our first pick midfield and defence on the park today. Here's hoping Duffy and yon lanky Estonian step up the the mark soon.
  18. Might not have been looking up Stevie May for long. It's the first image that comes back in an image search for "stevie may st johnstone".....sort of thing you might do if you were just wanting an image of him in a Saints strip for some reason.
  19. Decent result against a really poor Dundee side. Kennedy had a great game, troubled their defence all night and got back to cover when needed. Hendry always seems to impress, hope we see a bit more of him next year. Back 4 did their job, Zander making some important stops. Kane started well but seemed to go off the boil after his fresh air shot. Still offers a lot though. Still concerned at the ease at which Dundee cut us open, they should have scored twice......but then we should have scored 4.
  20. There's one important staff member missing from that list....Big Tommy. Get his long term future sorted and I imagine several players could be convinced to sign an extension on his staying alone.
  21. Yeah something about him not covering the edge of the box at set pieces. Tommy was absolutely raging at him but Liam clearly wasn't pleased himself. Bet it was a colourful dressing room at half time.
  22. Really enjoyed that game. Great goal from Saints. First half we controlled the game. Bit surprised that Craig was hooked at half time, although Tommy was going mental at him just before the break. Still though we could have won the game, Alston has a great chance and we created several more chances, despite the Dons stepping things up a little. The penalty can be debated, certainly no contact but if Lewis doesn't make the challenge we score. Where there is no debate is that the Dons fans now have the same sense of entitlement that you get form the Old Firm. Spent more time in the first half complaining about the SFA than questioning why they hadn't had a shot on goal. Good result for Saints, some great play in all areas of the park. Bodes well for the season.
  23. Have the Dons not got 4 centre halfs injured/suspended for this? It's fair to say we have an attack that could trouble them at the best of times but having to chuck a young lad in for his first start against the likes of Watt and Swanson..... confident there will be goals. I reckon an entertaining 2-2 draw* *Horrific 0-0 borefest beckons.
  24. Really encouraging performance today. So refreshing to have some wingers who carry the ball. Craig was fantastic, couple of Pirlo-esque balls played up front. Foster was great defensively and up top and Watt is a different class. Been a while since we had a player with such raw confidence. Keep him focussed and he'll be steal of the season. If muzz is out long term I'd be happy with Craig and a new midfielder in there.