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  1. https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/06/21/callum-davidson-the-only-saints-manager-who-can-make-judy-murray-cry/
  2. Mackay, Anderson, Wright, Easton. The back four that won the cup – and one of the best defensive units in recent Scottish Premiership history... Steven Anderson - Tributes to a legend. https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/05/21/steven-anderson-tributes-to-a-legend/
  3. We've compiled a quick top five most memorable Saints games under Tommy Wright. Feel free to pitch in your top picks! https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/05/02/tommy-wrights-top-five-games-as-st-johnstone-manager/
  4. NOW LIVE - The full 2015/16 season is now archived on www.weareperth.co.uk. A fourth place finish and a League Cup semi-final were among the highlights of this campaign. We've picked out some of the best bits in the thread below! Saints opened the league season with a seven goal thriller at Tynecastle. We may have lost 4-3, but what a way to start the campaign. This was one of several high scoring games Saints were involved in throughout the 15/16 season. WATCH NOW - https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/18/hearts-4-3-st-johnstone-scottish-premiership-august-2-2015/ Michael O'Halloran came to prominence in the first half of this season - was this at Ibrox his best in a Saints shirt? Saints dominated then-Championship side Rangers and ran out 3-1 winners in this League Cup clash. WATCH NOW - https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/23/rangers-1-3-st-johnstone-league-cup-september-22-2015/ Just days later, a great game at McDiarmid. Zander Clark made his debut following Mannus's red card. Despite falling behind with 10 men, goals from Simon Lappin and Graham Cummins saw Saints win and ended Jackie McNamara's Tannadice tenure. WATCH NOW - https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/20/st-johnstone-2-1-dundee-united-scottish-premiership-september-26-2015/ The next game was even better - possibly the best performance of the decade? Craig, Shaughnessy and Maclean (2) all scored but the pick of the bunch was Brian Easton's sensational first-half volley in a 5-1 win at Pittodrie. WATCH NOW - https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/27/aberdeen-1-5-st-johnstone-scottish-premiership-october-3-2015/ Murray Davidson scored two virtually identical goals as Saints racked up another high-scoring away win, this time a 3-0 victory at Tynecastle. WATCH NOW - https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/27/hearts-0-3-st-johnstone-scottish-premiership-march-19-2016/ Saints went unbeaten after the split - the pick of the bunch being a 2-1 win over Celtic at McDiarmid Park. The Hoops' back line did not cover themselves in glory as Steven Maclean and Graham Cummins netted for the home side. WATCH NOW - https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/20/st-johnstone-2-1-celtic-scottish-premiership-may-11-2016/
  5. Try clearing your browser history/cookies etc. It should all be on to the secure server now.
  6. I’ve seen that argument quite a bit and I'm not sure I buy it. First off-where’s the evidence hearts have a pile of cash to spend? Secondly, what quality of players are they going to get coming in for an eight game sprint where the most likely outcome is playing next season in the Scottish championship? Hearts already spent a whack of money in January and it didn’t help them one iota. The bigger issue is that the likes of St Mirren and Ross County and Hamilton could lose big parts of their squad in June. But again, where are they going to go in the short term? And it’s probably easier for them to retain parts of their squad than for Hearts to bring in a better quality of player. You have to assume as well that if, day, St Mirren manage to extend someone’s contract to August they’d still be able to move on for next season if they wanted to.
  7. I've written a lengthy diatribe over on the new WAP site about why I believe we should keep the current league setup, why it works for Scottish football and why increasing the Premiership league size wouldn't help anyone. https://www.weareperth.co.uk/2020/04/17/in-defence-of-the-top-12-why-we-shouldnt-do-away-with-the-dozen/ Interested to hear everyone ele's views!
  8. Our fourth full season of highlights is now live - Season 2016/17 is up! A fourth place finish and European qualification were the rewards for another great year. Highlights of every league game, Scottish Cup match and the available League Cup and friendly matches (complete with teamlines and scorers!) can be found below: https://www.weareperth.co.uk/season-by-season/season-2016-17/ Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to offer old VHS etc for use in the archive. I will be looking to get the correct equipment to allow me to convert stuff over the coming weeks and months and hopefully that'll allow us to flesh it out quite a lot in time! Jamie
  9. Just to say, I was able to replicate the issue and it was exactly as I suspected - the log in forms were trying to send data to an insecure page. I literally just had to add the letter 's' to a piece of code in the background and that appears to have resolved things from my end. If you have any further problems let me know!
  10. Yes, I’ve just had the same issue. It’s a bit technical- to make the new software work we had to move to a secure server, but the log in form appears to still be pointing to an insecure page. Working on it!
  11. If you’re having issues try clearing browser cache etc. Make sure the web address you’re on starts with https and not just http. There’s been a few updates and you may just need a refresh to get things working again!
  12. The issue with the recurring "I Accept" pop up should now be resolved - if you continue to get it repeatedly please let me know!
  13. Thanks. There have been a few like that-the issue being you can’t tell until you try to play the video on an external site! I’ll look into that.
  14. That’s something I’m looking in to! If I find something easy I’ll let you know. Just to say also I’m aware that some people (including me!) are getting the cookie “I accept” screen on every single page. This is something I’m aware of and am trying to remedy ASAP because it’s very bloody irritating!
  15. Hi everyone, As previewed briefly last week, we've been working hard behind the scenes and are now ready to launch the WeArePerth Video Archive - www.weareperth.co.uk is the link! So far we have: - Highlights of (almost!) every game in the 17/18, 18/19 and 19/20 seasons. - Highlights and additional video content for every European game since 2012 - as well as highlights of the Saints v Monaco UEFA Cup games in 1999. - Highlights of every game in our 2014 Scottish Cup run as well as additional video content. - Classic matches from the McDiarmid Park and Muirton Park eras - Goal compilations, documentaries, interviews and other special features. All the highlights are archived with team lines and goalscorers and are fully searchable by year, competition, team or even by player. Comments are open and welcome on every game! There will be more content added as we go - with the intention being that we'll get back as far as we possibly can with season by season highlight videos that are in the public domain. I think there is almost a complete collection on YouTube back as far as maybe 2012/13 and fragmented stuff from before that. We may also, down the line, start adding the odd article here and there if the feeling takes us. This is also possibly dependent on how long we are all locked in our houses for! We're also looking for a bit of help. If you have video footage - even if it's on an old forgotten VHS - of a classic game from years ago, let us know. If you can point us in the direction of a video stashed away online in a hidden corner of the internet (Saints related obviously!), pass us the link. We'd be particularly keen to find any footage at all of the VPS Vaasa games in 1999, the 7-2 game against Dundee (There is a video of one of the goals on YouTube - surely somewhere the whole game exists!) or anything else along those lines. Finally, please give our Twitter and Facebook channels a like - https://twitter.com/wap1884 and https://www.facebook.com/WeArePerth/ - where we'll be posting links to new content when it is added and posting any other Saints related musings that come to mind. Thanks, as always, for your support! Jamie
  16. Yes! Not exactly a classic but finishes the set!
  17. I'll be trying to go back as many seasons as I can. Season 2018/19 is now completely uploaded (though frustratingly I can't find a video of the very first league cup game of the season!). I'll be moving on to some of the 2014 Scottish Cup stuff next and on from there trying to go back through the seasons making it as complete as possible. Obviously the further back we get the more gaps there will be!
  18. Hi all, Given the current situation - and given that my own work situation means I'm at home for the next three weeks at least - I'm going to do a bit of work on the site and start a new little project. The forum will continue to be accessible from www.weareperth.co.uk/wapforum/ as normal - but if you go to www.weareperth.co.uk you will see a page that will change multiple times a day until I get it figured out! Basically, I'm creating a video archive - trying to index as much Saints content as I can find on YouTube and elsewhere and curate it so it's possible to flick through entire seasons' worth of games in order, find a particular game, and hopefully see the team line ups etc with each game. If it goes well, and if there's interest, I may start posting the odd article and stuff here and there as well - if you've got any interest in submitting absolutely anything at all for such a project please do get in touch! Hope everyone is well and keeping safe! Jamie
  19. You are aware that the club offered that exact plan - tickets for a TENNER. £10. Less than half price. And the uptake was appalling.
  20. Jamie_Beatson


    Just to reply to this since I've only seen it this morning - our ad partner asks us to try new things from time to time - the Sportz ticker being one of them. I have to say, on my laptop it isn't too intrusive, but appreciate it may be different on different devices etc. It should be gone now - we were asked to use it in the run up to Sunday's game because they had a specific promotion for it. I'm not a fan of the ones that are massively intrusive, and I do my best to get rid of anything that's an annoying pop up or an auto-redirect (which shouldn't be happening at all now). At the end of the day we need to fund the ever-rising costs of keeping the site running. The ads are a reliable method of doing that. Fundraising is more time-consuming than it is worth. Sponsorship is the same. Neither are likely to bring in quite as much as is required to keep paying the fees and keep the software up to date. Ideally what I'd like to do is extend the content of the site beyond the forum - something we looked at some time ago but couldn't make stick - and that way raise the ad revenue from somewhere other than just the forum, which would hopefully allow us to make the forum ads a bit less intrusive. Hope that explains things.
  21. Hi guys, Very quick one - appealing to WAP's wide and diverse membership for a minute of your time to help a very worthy cause in Perth. Fairview School, which caters for kids with severe and complex needs from across Perthshire, is trying to secure funding through the Aviva Community Fund for a very worthwhile project within their school. They don't need your money - just a minute of your time to vote for them. Click here - http://bit.do/FairviewSchool - register (you won't get any spam or anything) and give them your 10 votes. Takes about a minute and will be very much appreciated! Thanks Jamie
  22. You can't take a free kick inside the six yard box. Any foul committed inside the six yard box results in an indirect free kick on the six yard line adjacent to where the foul was committed.
  23. Not really sure what happened but we didn't run out of bandwidth, the site didn't kick up any errors and I haven't done anything to fix it but it seems we're back!
  24. I'd like to see it again, but I don't think there's really any way Mannus can come for that in front of Scobbie - it is whipped in with pace and not at any particular height. Scobbie isn't too far inside the front post and takes it no higher than waist height. Mannus has little opportunity to move towards it in the time it takes for the ball to get there. And in any event it looked to me like there wasn't really anyone there to get on the end of it and I'd assume Mannus's intention was to take it on the bounce under little or no pressure just beyond Scobbie. Impossible to tell if Scobbie got a shout but if he doesn't stick a leg out Mannus almost certainly picks it up with little difficulty and the game goes on from there.
  25. I had the pop ups on my phone until a couple of days ago but they seem to have disappeared now - and I've never had one I couldn't get rid of. I'm not getting any popups on my laptop at all. Can people confirm if they're still getting stuff that's overly intrusive? As we've said many times we could go down the donations route but we've decided against it before for umpteen reasons. I'm in dialogue with the ad providers about making it less instrusive but the way it works is that they serve the ads centrally and it changes the way it displays them of its own accord, and usually takes 2-3 days from me complaining at them to rectify.