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  1. message bigstu-he's in the hunt for one
  2. I have one adult ticket for the Roseburn available. Face value, £20. First to PM me gets it. Can deliver in Perth before 11am tomorrow or hand over in Edinburgh after 12.30pm tomorrow.
  3. Not all joining dates are accurate. For example, mine is March 2007, which is way after this forum came into being despite the fact I was obviously the first member! At one stage a fair number of people were unintentionally wiped during a server move and the member list had to be rebuilt - so if your join date is around March 07 you probably joined before that!
  4. Dunno if this has been said, but you don't pay the full rateable value as your rates. It's a percentage of that which I think is set by central government. Not surprised Monsoon's rates are far higher given that the shop is far bigger than Officer's Club, probably almost twice the size before you take into account stockroom etc. Don't know if having a High Street frontage affects that as well.
  5. I'd agree that Hibs are a good team with some dangerous players (Cummings and Stokes will be extremely dangerous) - but I'm not sure I buy the idea that they've necessarily got a better squad than us. Of their starting XI on Saturday against St Mirren, four were relegated with Hibs two years ago, one was relegated with St Mirren last season and several of the remainder have only ever played for them in the Championship, many coming from a background of kicking about the English lower leagues. They will be a good side, they will have players who can hurt us, but I don't think we need to build them up as being a better squad than us!
  6. A few years after it was built approximately 2-300 seats were taken out to allow them to lengthen the pitch.
  7. Don't know if Saints are likely to kick up any public fuss, but WAP have had their say: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-johnstone-fans-hit-out-7244308
  8. The worst of it is they are citing segregation issues. Two years ago almost to the day of this match we had Main Stand tickets in the exact same stand for the exact same round of the exact same competition. No segregation issues that day. What's changed?
  9. Even if we're not going to get them, the fact a decision hasn't been made by now - four working days before a match that is otherwise entirely sold out - is absolutely ludicrous. I also don't buy the idea that the club have been "sitting on their hands" for over 10 days. They've clearly been in regular contact with the SPFL, and I don't really see what spitting the dummy in a public statement would gain us either.
  10. Based on the level of incompetence over the years from these guys, they'll decide just to leave the 500 seats empty.
  11. the Roseburn actually only holds a shade under 3400, so even fewer than you've indicated!
  12. It's getting to the stage where our pitch is in a catastrophic state every year from about late November on-getting the the embarrassing state it was yesterday and staying like that til early spring when the grass starts to grow again. i reckon it is sub standard for at least 50% of our games a season these days. It certainly helped utterly ruin the game as a spectacle yesterday, and didn't help last week either. If we could get a grass surface that would be in an acceptable state at this time of year I'd not even contemplate a change. That seems to be impossible these days, however, so I'm leaning towards at least trying a synthetic surface.
  13. it's very odd. I went in first thing on Monday to collect my (pre-ordered) tickets and they said then they had requested the additional 500. If we had first dibs on them why weren't they immediately couriered to McDiarmid Park for sale the following day?
  14. Give me a PM/email if you're still looking and I'll see if we can get you sorted out!
  15. The average attendances thing is a fair point IMO. Last season they were about 9,000 - we were about 4500. They've got 11,000+ tickets guaranteed to our 4000.
  16. I think it would be harsh on Kane if he was scoring, or at least coming close to it. its no coincidence the goals have dried up since Cummins got injured.
  17. I could get on board with resting O'Halloran and trying something different, but he has absolutely destroyed Accies twice this season already so he'd definitely be in my team. Cummins for Kane, Craig for Millar are the changes I'd make.
  18. I actually think we've got enough tickets at the 4,000 or so we've been given. I doubt we'd have had an issue if we'd just given ST holders first dibs to get as many as they want. The chances of every single ST holder needing 3 tickets would have been absolutely minimal. Especially given most ST holders will be going with other ST holders!
  19. I think the first gate has two turnstiles, one cash and one ST only. We arrived pretty much on kick off so we weren't exactly early, but still, if you're going to do vouchers everyone should be given the opportunity to get one!
  20. Got my tickets sorted today, but colleague looking for a spare voucher if anyone's got one? As far as a sales update goes when I was in earlier the three central blocks of seats were pretty well full in the upper section. I'd guess about 1500-2000 sold so far?
  21. This lack of vouchers being given to my guys is now actually causing me an issue. Anyone got spare vouchers/STs they're not using to buy tickets that I could borrow? PM if so!
  22. We went in the first gate. Presumably they'd run out. Shame it wasn't mentioned beforehand so we'd have known to go asking for them.
  23. None of the guys I go with got vouchers at the Hearts game either.