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  1. See the dot or star beside the title of a thread? Click on that and it goes to first unread.
  2. Good call. It's a temporary measure for now until I get actuall into working on the appearance!
  3. Agreed it is relatively slow just now - though I think once you've navigated around a bit it speeds up as your computer caches some of the images etc. That's something I'll be working on. Mobile skin looks nice too I think and works fairly swiftly!
  4. After a weekend offline we're now back - and you'll hopefully have noticed the site looks a bit different. That look will continue to be modified and tweaked until we're 100% happy with it, but the main thing is we are back online and good to go. If you notice any problems at all, any little errors or things that don't look right, please post them in here so we can rectify them. Thanks, Jamie
  5. If that happens I'll be ridiculously gutted tbh.
  6. You'd worry if there had been absolutely no redeeming features to our play. However, we're attacking with far more purpose so far this year -and have scored six in four games so far - and lost those two games by single goals. In both those games we conceded one from a horrendous individual slip that led directly to a goal. I expect us to come good defensively. Or at least cut out the silly mistakes. We will score goals far more easily than last year as well. It may not be a top half finish, but I'm not ready to panic any time soon.
  7. That stat is utter rubbish to be fair.
  8. For all his strengths, Millar can't kick the ball far enough to make that worthwhile
  9. The guy clearly has bags of talent. I've been massively impressed with his ability pretty much every time I've seen him play. It certainly won't be lack of skill that has seen this happen - especially with him turning in good performances in the U20s as recently as last week.
  10. Our attacking play was far more productive tonight than most of last season. Our defence is not good enough just now though, and we all know why that is. If we get even Wright and Mackay back in and Millar in the middle we'll be a far more solid unit.
  11. I think Sutton is a bigger threat if we put crosses into the box for him. We did that twice in 90 minutes at Tynecastle-one ended up in the net and the other was cleared off the line. Yesterday we didn't put a single decent cross into the box while he was on the park. As soon as he went off we started getting decent deliveries in. If we don't play to his strengths we won't get the best out of him.
  12. If you're doing the daily telegraph one anyway (as I am) it doesn't hurt to stick your name in!
  13. Interestingly, reading the Dundee Evening Telegraph last night the main letter on the letters page was decrying Dundee's efforts in attracting big events and saying they wished they could be like PKC having TITP and Rewind, for example.
  14. For those saying we desperately need an injection of pace and creativity, our team lines from the 12/13 season when we finished third make interesting reading... Aside from a brief period with Mehdi Abeid in the side we were pretty regularly playing a midfield something like: Millar, Davidson, Cregg, Craig. Strikers rotated between Hasselbaink, Maclean, Tade and Vine. I'd love Swanson in, but if we've got most of our squad fit I don't think we're hugely short.
  15. This. Entirely this. For what it's worth, we have "post police" on this forum. They're called the moderators and admins. If something needs moved we'll move it. If you have a problem with a post click the report button and we can deal with it.
  16. And that he's only 18. He has been brought in as a prospect. If he progresses we may start seeing him in first team squads at the tail end of this season/next season.
  17. According to various twitter feeds he picked up a leg knock - don't know if it's the same one that kept him out at the weekend though!
  18. Apparently he has been injured and starts his pre season on Monday. Lee Westwood (their #1 goalkeeper) was in the same boat. I note on their site they're saying he wouldn't fit in a 4-3-3 which seems to be their new approach. Clearly they don't know anything about his season with us... Some of his best work was playing on the left of a 4-3-3.
  19. I actually felt Scobbie was starting to take control of the midfield when he was shifted back to cover for Ando. A Caddis/Brown central midfield pairing starting a European game would have been just as bad, if not worse IMO.
  20. Pairing Sutton with Maclean won't work either. It had to be one or the other with Kane.
  21. I was lucky enough to get five together in a reasonably central area. Row H was as far back as you could get that many in one batch. Mostly singles available in the rear central areas but more available at either end of stand towards back. I expect the East will be more or less full come kick off.
  22. Great service as always this morning. Tickets found for me and my group ins good area and no holdups at all.
  23. Nothing to do with the football on the pitch Andy-we're discussing the financial cost of having to travel to those far flung locales rather than somewhere easy.