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  1. Moving to the Black Isle and wondering what the best way to keep in touch with fellow Highland Saintees is (When the world is back to normal!)? Does bus or group train travel get organised for matches? Pub catch ups or 5s etc?
  2. just to confirm,my part of deposit paid (gmyles from Facebook group).
  3. Early start, in Glasgow already! Time hitting crystal palace?
  4. Very pleased with the organisation here and think Marc deserves a pat on the back for doing it. Good price at £15 too considering the train alternative. Can't wait! COYS!
  5. 4.30 is better for me and Queensferry St would be perfect. based on that I'm definitely in.
  6. I'm a definite. Really think it's a good idea.
  7. Mannus MacKay Anderson Wright Easton Cregg Wotherspoon Miller Hasselbaink Edwards MacLean May to come on but other thatn that don't see too many game changers. Out wide seems to be lacking IMO.
  8. Very Keen for this. The last train is a nightmare and might be good fun with some Rosenborg boys... Pints aren't £9 a pop here lads!
  9. Hi Lads, not followed with the Edinburgh Saints before but keen for it this weekend. Hopefully the sun shines on the Cowden pitch. Hate a late postponement! Up for option A if it is still on the cards. Cheers.
  10. Mylesy


    Could be game for this, supposed to be a big support going through. Anyone else keen?
  11. Gutted, out of town when Saints are here. Hopeful for a good start based on the European performance.