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  1. An Overseas Saints TV subscription is £12 per month / £120 per year which allows you to watch all home league matches and most away matches live. However if your UK based, you will need to pay £260-£365* to have the privilege to do so. *Assuming season tickets are sold at last years prices. If fans are allowed back January, you would only have the opportunity to attend 8 homes games or so, with a couple of them sure to be selected for live coverage from Sky. Personally think saints have got it spot on by not selling season books prior to this announcement. Looking forward to how they handle the selling of virtual season books now. I’d expect many clubs who have down to have numerous refund requests, especially from those who have bought tickets for the family, considering only 1 book will give you the required logon to watch.
  2. Hail Hail the saints are here. It wasn’t until I was in late primary school that I realised many other clubs sung that - in my early life I believed it to be a saints song which other clubs copied. Anyone remember the short lived ‘over and over’? I remember being Motherwell in a cup game, sure it was the Jason Scotland game (Airdrie racists) and it was sung over and over pardon the pun.
  3. Livingston have asked fans to set up a standing order (minimum £20) till June 2021, from which they can exchange the donation to shares, hospitality, match sponsorship to the value donated. Currently 273 individuals have agreed to a donation of £8,177 per month which means they we’re not far away from reaching £115,000 over the 14 month period! If St Johnstone did similar, that would be fantastic and worthwhile. Personally I would opt for the shares. Unfortunately I can’t see our owners agreeing to that. However they may like the idea of exchanging donation for match sponsorship/ hospitality. Saints weekly lotto - Although easy enough to set up a direct debit via the club. The club should make it easier for fans and especially those who just want to play periodically, by setting up for sales online. Player Sponsorship - not sure if this is successful/sold out each season, however an idea would be that rather than sell sponsorship for the full season at £300, why not do it monthly at £50 with the top given to individual sponsor at end of each month? Appreciate that your having to sell out each player a minimum 6x to recoup the same amount of money over course of season. But thinking of birthday /Christmas gifts / treat yourself gifts, I’d think it would be popular especially as more affordable. Livingston are targeting the business community with the wide range of sponsorship/ hospitality available. They have produced a tremendous wee brochure highlighting benefits and costs. I can’t say that I’ve seen anything similar from Saints - is that because the business club is a closed door clique? In the coming months saints need to promote season tickets, player sponsorship, programme subscriptions, - absolutely everything to the fans. Should matches be played behind closed door - cardboard cut out fans sponsorship should be brought back.
  4. I’m predicting a 2-1 victory for Tayside’s finest this afternoon. Would like to see Gordon partner Kerr in defense with Kane and Hendry starting together upfront.
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    Livingston and Ross County do not produce a printed programme. Livingston produce an online version, although this season Livingston’s disabled supporters group have been given permission to sell printed copies on match day to raise funds. Not sure how good a quality it is/will be. Forfar didn’t produce one in the cup game this season and as far as I’m aware there was no programme for any of the first team pre season friendlies in Scotland (a programme was produced by Edinburgh city v under 21’s)
  6. Expecting a small home support given recent results and performances and that Jeanfield have there first ever (real) Scottish cup match. Hopefully a couple of decent signings this week to lift the mood amongst the fans, followed by a convincing win on Saturday.
  7. Just to confirm, bus is continuing to run on the revised date of Sunday 12 August. All other details remain the same. Acknowledge comments re public house to go to pre-match. Pub chosen is primarily due to its city centre location and being owned by a St Johnstone supporting friend. Buzzing for this game, expect to win as Hibs should be weakened due to their European match on the Thursday prior.
  8. Bump Only couple of seats left. Let me know if you’d like one. Bus will continue to run, should Hibs qualify in Europe and game be moved to the Sunday.
  9. Looks as though back to the old badge too... thankfully.
  10. Pick up in edinburgh wouldn’t be worth it, could pick up at Newbridge? One off bus, linked up with local Hibs supporters, to boost travelling numbers. Let me know if Newbridge is any use.
  11. Bus is booked and running - on a first come first serve basis, so available until sold out. Hope all is well, let me know if you can make it.
  12. FAO supporters within West Lothian Bus running from Livingston for the first home game of the season. Saturday 11 August St Johnstone v Hibernian Bus leaves Livingston South Train Station at 10.00am £15 per head Bus is booked into a pub in Perth pre-match. **This is a mixed bus.** If you fancy getting booked on please let me know.
  13. Any idea of date? And do you know if any other games arranged for when in Ireland?
  14. Majority of those who don’t attend will either be children or those who attend with children. Quite rightly, if they do not want there child exposed to sectarian bile. Our support will be mixed, and many will not want to experience being abused for 2hours due to there religion. I think the initiative is positive, although can’t see it changing the mind of many of those who don’t attend for above reason. Great for the club to continue the free U12 scheme, and the U20 pricing structure, I suspect will be beneficial for many.
  15. A shop offering a wide range of merchandise would be greatly appreciated. With the online shop aligned too. Choices of current merchandise available is shocking, with TTL even worse.
  16. Keep it tight for these last couple of minutes. Would be a massive point.
  17. Lift the bans and bring back the much needed atmosphere.
  18. I’m coming up for this. Looking forward to it and expect to see an SJFC win.
  19. With the large area available to our support, hopefully there are lots of SC flags on show.
  20. I went into campus after the Hartlepool game, and the items available were embarrassing. Only this seasons kits, a cheap looking velcro wallet and some chocolate. Saints really need to sort out the items they sell and get themselves a better online shop and bigger presence in the town. I thInk the club should invest in a superstore at the ground, selling a wide variety of things from training camp wear to sjfc bedding ( I know my own kids would want this). Many smaller clubs provide a better selection and facilities.
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    Very impressed with all today. Zander was class. Spoony was sensational, hopefully he carries the confidence and form into the league. Based on the games so far I would say that Scougall is going to be our player of the year. Glad to see that Keith Watson got some game time, hopefully he is getting back to fitness and will get back into first team contention. The trialist was brilliant. Hopefully Tommy will get him signed.