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  1. Dave Ferg


    Hi, I’m needing an electrician for some domestic work in Perth (replacement of downlighters and fan in a bathroom) if anyone can recommend someone? Cheers.
  2. Any Saints’ win is a good win today! 3 points a MUST.
  3. Andy, what’s the story with George Thorne? I know he has had his injuries but last I heard he was fully fit. No sign of him in the play-offs. I once joked with him to come to Saints on loan when Marcus Haber was here. They were at WBA together.
  4. I think the important thing to remember in this is that the Brown family will have no desire to profit out of the sale of the football club. It has been stated before by Geoff Brown that the most important thing is to pass the club onto the "right" person. Certain constraints would require to be imposed regarding future dissolution of assets (ie sale of the site) and assurances regarding maintaining the McDiarmid name. Another requirement for me is that the Brown name would maintain to be connected with the club permanently. It must never be forgotten that Geoff saved our club from oblivion and Steve has brought us our greatest success (to date).
  5. One thing I'd like to have seen us capitalise on was the 25th anniversary (very soon to be the 30th anniversary) of The Airdrie Game. This is something a lot of us of a certain generation would have probably enjoyed. Maybe even just ensuring the surviving players are in or about McDiarmid for the Hamilton home fixture which is near the actual date? A showing of the match day footage in a lounge with some of the players would have been good. Mark Treanor told me he had watched it a few years back.
  6. Beside the statues of Geoff Brown and Tommy Wright there must be one for Paul Smith for all he's done for Saints. I appreciate he was in paid employment (and understand he's back in another capacity) but he was spinning a lot of plates (and not on the catering side). Our SLO Beve does an amazing job as do the staff in the ticket office.
  7. The semi was torture for me, I was in Portugal. When we went a goal down I famously said "typical Saints" something my dad had said to me many, many times before.
  8. Chris Kane to score! I remember him scoring a cracker there and a repeat would be most welcome.
  9. Can anyone advise as to the lyrics for the Ali McCann song please? A few good efforts yesterday.
  10. Amazed at the negative comments regarding Wallace Duffy. Jason Kerr slipped for the goal, not Duffy. Agree he got off with a blatant handball but he was there challenging Main and he didn't score. Wallace's distribution could be better, agreed, but there was never a lot on in front of him and they were obviously instructed to play diagonals and expose Aberdeen's full backs. I think the young lad is doing fine despite some seriously dodgy balls being played to him. He's also happy to say his piece when required and could clearly be seen to be keeping Ralston and Kerr right.
  11. That game could, and should, be a turning point for us. Great effort from the nine men.
  12. Hoping the £10 million man McKenna is fit for this as he could be the perfect partner for Stevie May.