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  1. Jerry it is me!!! How are you and the family? COYS!
  2. Aw man I was so proud of taking her to the game for her first ever footy experience. I remember it well. If you still have the pics it would be great to get a copy of them. I dont mind you putting them up here. We are heading up on Tuesday. Saints and my family are my life so I am the happiest guy alive!
  3. MYSPAZ. I remember sitting in front of you at the EsEs game last year with my 2 month old daughter. It was her first Saints you remember, she was in her new saints babygrow! I will be back in Perth with my family next week.....she was born in Essex but is a true Saintee!
  4. I just want to say...well done Saints no matter what happens now. Listening to the Hibs game on Sportsound, it would seem Saints are promoting Scottish football in a much better light. Very proud to be a Saintee and I defo think the team does not get enough credit from the media and other supporters in the Premier League. Although I am not in Norway for the game due to work commitments, I will make my way up to Perth from Kent with my family to catch the game in Perth next week. I LOVE being a Saints fan! COYS