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  1. They have included the £2.9 million loan as income in their books to show a profit, so more like a £2,6 million loss, that's in 6 months trading.
  2. ...1974/75 season which has been equalled, although not quite as good as the 1971/72 season with 3 wins, 2 draws, and a loss, from the first 6 league games. Not bad! Jason, I haven't forgotten about you, I'm just slack, something here to post to you, I will get around to it.
  3. Somebody from the club just phoned me that the supplier has confirmed a delivery of all shirts by the end of next week and that everyone should have them within a fortnight (of today).
  4. Somebody from the club called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know there were difficulties getting them, but nothing otherwise. I don't know if it's an issue or not as I can't remember when I ordered it, or when I expected to get it
  5. Lord Lyon is the cu mason on the left, no problems for the Huhn then.
  6. Agreed except that relegation should still stand
  7. This would be quite an attractive design to have on the badge.
  8. That looks more like the box of icing sugar I dropped yesterday than a smoke bomb.
  9. No coincidence between this rise in hooliganism and the rise of the SNP, surely BBC Scotland managed to work that in?
  10. I think we're going to give them a pumping, 0 - 4 balls deep for the Saintees.
  11. A lot of governments were persuaded, or falsely reported, to mumble similar things about Scottish Independence.
  12. Project Fear for the EU membership referendum.
  13. In this case, right wing nonsense. I only needed to go as far as the first sentence thankfully, "Sweden is the rape capital of the world", r_u_b_b_i_s_h. I'll let people spend their own time finding the statistics if interested enough.
  14. Next to the picture of an immigrant tennis player who plays with British nationality
  15. I was shown a text that was very brief stating that William of Orange was converting to Catholicism because, and I quote, "there are too many fudricks supporting a dead club". It definitely came from the man himself.
  16. I didn't know where to post this, and it's nothing at all to do with this thread. To ignore somebody, say a new poster who is probably a *** and posting irritating shit, follow these steps: Hover mouse over username to the left of an irritating postClick "Ignore User"A new page loads, below "Add new user to ignore list", you should see the offending persons name, then below that click "Update preferences"ProfitEDIT: about MOH, I'd be awfully disappointed if he went to the Hunnery, but at this point, it would still surprise me. As to his value if he went, I couldn't say, to Saints he's only worth whatever the club accepts.
  17. Well if it was on the BBC...
  18. i wouldn't want the burglar to be armed in the first place.