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    saints and sunderland fan im english but that dosnt mean i support england! always loved the saints since i was a kid cos i like to be different
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    football, darts and drinking
  1. weve got 2 15 seater buses going from crieff, where is everybody drinking befour the game?
  2. if i have a dundee flag would they be banned?
  3. i was thinking about getting yorkshire saint on a yorkshire flag as im from yorkshire, will this get the club fined or me banned? what a joke
  4. according to the rotherham fans who have been giving me shit this last week on twitter, theyll finish mid table cos they have plenty of money, deluded twats, theyll go straight back down
  5. got mine yesturday watched it after the york game great viewing thanks again
  6. any news on when your sending them out?
  7. got my ticket, cant wait for this, i acually believe we'll win this with mcclean back, rest may for today and maybe next week then he'll be up for this, coys
  8. ill bring my boots on sunday and fill in for easton
  9. ****ing great result! means nothing if we get beat saturday tho
  10. great! even more time to spend on the pop
  11. im going! finally got a saturdy of work!
  12. thanks mate but ive got that shirt just wondered if you had any more
  13. have you got any 3xl shirts or training shirts available?