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  1. Celtic Rangers Aberdeen St Johnstone Motherwell Hearts Hibernian Partick Thistle Dundee Kilmarnock Hamilton Ross County
  2. Was anyone else halfway through googling "Hadja Ollon" before they realised?
  3. Think back to O'Hallorans last season with us, when he was only here until January yet won us countless points and was easily the most entertaining player to watch in a clogger filled team (even by our standards.) If he's here for the same period again and has a similar impact its more than worth it even if it doesn't last forever, could be the difference between 4th and 6th. Also worth remembering our team now is better than it was then, and the thought of Scougall feeding O'Halloran is pretty tasty. We needed pace, who else can we get that would provide that along with O'Hallorans power? Chance also for Thomson to learn from him and we could potentially just swap MOH for Thomson in games against Rangers to see if he's up to filling his role in the squad once O'Halloran inevitably ends up at Rotherham in January.
  4. Can't seem to get the online commentary working, but have managed to get online commentary on Aberdeen's Red Tv instead
  5. Now our second top scorer behind Macca with 7 goals- deserves praise for his goal scoring contribution this season. We all said he needed to add goals and he has, so deserves credit for that. Hope his improved tally will give him some much needed confidence
  6. Toss up between Muzz, Craig and Macca for me. Macca should have given the ball to someone else while Muzz missed too many chances so I gave it to Liam. I thought Wotherspoon was ok but given the space he had was hoping he would provide a spark but he never seemed to have the confidence to try something.
  7. We scored two more while I was researching how many goals Brian Graham scored last year Make that 22 goals scored by strikers this season!
  8. Our strikers have 21 goals between them already this season, and its not even November yet... For comparison Graham, Maclean, O'Halloran, Kane and *shudders* Morgan managed just 3 more over the course of the whole of last season season.