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  1. Alan Mannus wins the Irish Cup for Shamrock Rovers in a penalty shoot out
  2. Nigel again for Hapoel Beer Sheva! Mind you Cillian Sheridan scored for the opponents. Bet that's the first time ex Saintees have scored for either side in a non UK game
  3. Nigel Hasselbaink for Hapoel Ber Sheva in a 3-0 win, 4 in 5 for him and top of the League. Get him back!
  4. nickyg

    Brian Easton

    Good luck Brian thanks for everything total Saints legend
  5. Muzz for me closely followed by Jason and Mikey
  6. Really enjoyed yesterday best performance for a while. Very impressed these last few weeks with the defence looks very settled and Liam and Jason are both very mature. Muzz appears to be performing back at his best was immense yesterday. Mikey is also beginning to get confidence and sharpness back had a good game yesterday. And was delighted for Kane did really well to win the pen and involved in build up for second too. Pleased someone finally listened to me about Tanser taking free kicks and pens seems to be paying off with 2 goals in a matter of weeks. Just need him on corners now as Liam does have a very frustrating habit of floating them straight to the keeper.
  7. Matty for me best game from him since the New Year. Good to be able to say no failures tonight everyone at least a 6 out of 10. Think Foster played better having Mikey in front of him more akin to what we saw before Xmas with Frey.
  8. Chris Kane for me worked his socks off and pleased for him as deserved a goal. Pass marks too for Gordon, Kerr and Zander but that was at times brutal to watch confidence seemed very low and not sure if the system/formation worked
  9. Points deduction is perhaps the best idea reckon 10 points for incidents like the Steve Clarke one for starters, 15 for a second offence and so on. Make it so draconian the offenders will shit themselves.
  10. nickyg

    Drey Wright

    Totally gutted for Drey and for the team I've been mightily impressed with him so far wish him a speedy recovery and hope the club give him all the support he needs
  11. That was one hell of a performance quite amazing how much confidence has returned. Very entertaining and good to watch. Not a bad display all at least a 7 out of 10. Both full backs great, Joe and Jason solid so much so that Zander had a very quiet afternoon. Third season in a row Murray has scored against Accies at home we look so much better with him alongside Liam who was excellent. Spoony seems to be benefiting massively from having quality players around him and I'm delighted last 2 home games he's been more like his old self. As for Wright, Watt and Kennedy, they all had great games and their pace and directness must be a nightmare for defenders. Best home display for some time loving this run long may it continue
  12. Thought we were pretty good and tactics nearly worked, credit to the team for a decent hard working display. Impressed especially with Foster, Wright and Alston and Spoony had one of his best games for a while. Thought we were gonna get a doing tonight but pleased to be proved wrong. Agree with a previous post that Watt is not a great lone striker, we looked better with Kane up top as he held the ball up better.
  13. Cummins again for Cork City top of the league and he's banging them in
  14. Very underwhelmed with talk.of Hamilton think we have far bigger priorities than another keeper when we already have Zander. Need some new attacking players so badly plus a Millar replacement with the ability to maintain possession and dictate pace of the game
  15. See Gregory Tade came on as a sub and scored for his Israeli team against Nigel Hasselbaink's team yesterday
  16. Feel gutted not to have gotten anything out of that game, best and most committed performance I've seen in quite a while. Aware some are questioning selections but felt the system worked well and Foster played very well. Not a failure amongt them even subs did well esp Alston. Matty looks like a very promising player, Muzz best I've seen in a while colossal show. Gave me some hope for the rest of the season same 11 next time please with Stef in for Spoony
  17. Bit of a ex Saintee goal bonanza the other night for Peterborough with Michael Doughty, Marcus Maddison and Gwion Edwards all netting. Wee Nige bagged a pen for his Israeli team as well at the weekend. Wouldn' mind having any of these guys back right now
  18. For me Zander is a better all round keeper commands his area better as was evident last night and better distribution
  19. nickyg


    Looked nasty hope Zander's OK. Good first half 2 crackers from Spoony
  20. nickyg

    Tam Scobbie

    Best of luck to Tam thanks for all your efforts. That penalty winner vs Lucerne will always stay with me
  21. Very end of season feel all round tonight, played OK first half but pretty poor second. My vote goes to Kane for a good 1st half, goal and being so unlucky not to notch a worldy
  22. Really good solid win not a bad performance from anyone. So proud of the boys 4th again and European football is a great achievement
  23. Danny for me today great effort totally professional