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  1. Quite agree seemed very imbalanced
  2. Shocking - complete lack of analysis. Thought they both looked very soft. Collum almost seemed desperate to award them and what about blatant push on Ando from second half corner.
  3. Very disappointed not to win, not quite sure what happened to the centre of defence Wright and Anderson both looked very suspect first goal was a catalogue of errors if Wright had cleared instead of dwelling on the ball would never have been a need to try and tackle. Actually thought Scobbie was ok today but does not convince me and always looks like he has a mistake in him. Millar and Vine especially poor, Vine seems so lightweight and gives away possession too easily at times. McLean as usual worked his socks off with precious little support from midfield as others have indicated both Millar and Muzz too deep. Muzz did not look totally fit to me and did not have his best game. Nigel and Edwards both did well when they came on.
  4. nickyg

    Fran Sandaza

    In agreement with most here do not ever want to see him in a Saints shirt again, really enjoying football this season with a group of honest pros trying their best. Take the first five games of the season when new players were bedding in and despite the odd blip results have been very consistent and not once let in more than three in a league game. So Fran sorry mate enjoyed yoy for about four months but lost all respect I had for you.
  5. Poor game but delighted with the win, defensively solid thought back four did well, subs made an impression and pleased with Nigel's work rate. Few too many hoofed balls forward for my liking and missed a bit of guile and control in the middle of the park. Also thought referee very poor but hardly surprising as yet to see a truly good official all season. Every game seems littered with terrible baffling decisions.
  6. Agreed thought the presence in the Ormond Stand was quite oppressive and unnecessary, had a steward standing almost directly in front of us blocking my eight year old sons view, know he I'd a wee monkey sometimes at home but always as good ad gold at the match.
  7. Terrible game was pleased with the win but football was awful. Aimless lacking passion and energy. How many times the ball was punted up in the air to nobody, zero movement and midfield slow to support the strikers. Mannus' distribution terrible, more slices than a cake shop, Murray looked knackered possibly after carrying the team recently. Millar worst game I have seen, how Lomas has not realised Craig is a woeful set piece taker by now is beyond me. Tade tries hard but had no decent service, Vine is a quality player but disappears too often and shies away from challenges. Only Dave and Pawlett were better than average and Nigel seems to have lost confidence after Hibs debacle taking the ball to the corner when with his pace it was a great chance to try and get a second said it all and wound me up no end. Pawlett is some player and would love to keep him, has been best player I have seen in most matches have seen him play.
  8. Happy New year everyone let's start 2013 with three points today
  9. Murray for me really drove the team on. Thought McLean did well too and pleased for him that he got a goal
  10. Watching on BBC Alba and was a definite pen, Wotherspoon lashed out and caught Dave's trailing leg. Poor pen, too close to the keeper and an easy height to save. Mannus probably should have done better with the goal, got a hand but was slow going down as was close to him
  11. Thought the performance tonight was pretty good just failed to take their chances and like many others was worried when Nigel took the ball for the pen as do not see him as a great dead ball striker unless I am mistaken but go easy on him - remember great finish at Celtic. I thought Hibs were dreadful in the first half and can scarcely remember them causing any problems. If the pen goes in, could not see Hibs coming back, thought Vine was pretty quiet and could see why Hasselbaink was brought on as was feeling that Hibs were getting on top at the time, however unless Tade was injured, could not see why he was brought off as was looking dangerous and more like his usual self. Thoughts with David Robertson however as looked like a bad one and just hope it is not too serious. As for referee and Griffiths not going to comment as from recent displays did not think referees could get any worse but Thomson takes the biscuit. Let's not get too despondent, one of these days the chances are going to be taken and someone will be given a bloody good hiding
  12. nickyg

    Mk V Afc

    My brother in law took me to see Wimbledon versus Scunthorpe in 1978 when I was 8, second game I ever went to (Alan Cork has curly hair and a tache!), supported them ever since. My late father who did not even like football took me to games and had some of my happiest memories of time spent with him at Plough Lane, followed them all the way through the leagues, was at Wembley for the Cup Final and my friend got me seats for the Directors box for my 18th birthday after which I met most of the players, Beasant, Fash, Dennis Wise etc. Also went to school with Bobby Gould's son. Was totally devastated when the owners moved the club to Milton Keynes and have followed AFC ever since even though I now live in Perthshire and have adopted the Saints as my Scottish team and go to pretty much every home game with my two sons who have got the bug. My oldest bought me an AFC Wimbledon Keep the Faith T shirt last Xmas. What happened should never have been allowed, is still the only organisation I have made a financial investment in (when I really could not afford it and have never received a penny back). I have very mixed feelings about the game with MK, can completely understand fans wishing to boycott as could be perceived as legitimising the fake Dons, on the other hand really would love to get one over on them and team could do with the support as having seen the York game the other day will start as massive underdogs. Great to see the link with the past currently in place with Ardley as manager and Sullivan in goal. The memories of the various bloody noses given to big teams during the 80's and 90's still make me smile to this day, I was at Plough Lane for one of Ferguson's first games in charge of Man Utd when a certain Vinny Jones scored the winner on his home debut. Urge all Saints fans to get behind the real Dons for this game. Just imagine if the club was moved to Edinburgh or Glasgow with no consideration of the impact on the local community.
  13. Frazer Wright, great performance, although almost a toss up between him and Dave
  14. Great team performance, thought defence looked very solid, impressed with Gary Miller and hope he is not injured as was doing really well before he went off, Anderson had his best game I have seen, Wright and Mackay good, Liam OK, Murray dynamic and his usual self, Nigel caused their defence loads of problems and should have scored a couple more, needs to work on his finishing as if this improved would be sensational, Vine only so so and looked lacking in match sharpness and fitness, Tade worked hard but oddly enough did not think he had his best game but that is only because standards have been so high, went for Chris Millar who I thought had one of his best games I have seen, bossed midfield and linked up play well. 2-1 going on 5-1, was nowhere near as impressed with Killie as I have been by Aberdeen or St.Mirren.
  15. Enjoyable game, thought some of the fringe players lacked sharpness but guess that is to be expected. Should have probably converted more of the chances created, great finish from Liam and with his right foot which I thought he just used for standing on. Not sure about the red card as looked very harsh from where I was sitting but would like to see again. Tade impresses me with his work ethic and is a real handful, Nigel also looked threatening but sometimes the end product is not quite there yet. McClean could easily have scored 4 and perhaps missed two easier chances than he scored.
  16. nickyg

    Ormond Stand

    Think having a family stand is a great option, went six times last season and my 8 year old has got the bug, now been to every home game so far this season and going to keep going, loving it!