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    Was listening to a ridiculous discussion on Talk Sport this afternoon on Drive when Adrian Durham suggested the game should be replayed due to the dive. After the handball that never was I phoned in to have a rant but never got called back
  2. Nigel got the winner for Excelsior against Vitesse Arnheim yesterday up to 9 for the season
  3. Yet again so slow out of the blocks, sat off Aberdeen and looked defensively pretty shaky before they scored. Much better second half. I do have kittens every time a cross comes in now as Mannus does not command his six yards box for me.
  4. Swanson for me made a real difference when he came on; more like the form before Christmas
  5. 2 goals for Nigel Hasselbaink in crucial away win for Excelsior Friday night.
  6. A very hard call tonight; voted for Easton for his best display of the season, real captain's performance. Not a failure in sight although Mannus didn't really have much to do. Impressed with young Clive Smith fair effort first up in a pressure game. Joe and Tom superb at the back actually look like a good combo. Midfield worked really hard Alston continues to impress, and an honourable mention for Cummins who worked his socks off despite being fouled and manhandled throughout. Proud of my team tonight
  7. Great team display bossed the entire game apart from first 15 and last 5 when we sat a bit too deep and invited them on. Deserved to win by more shame Easton's rocket didn't go in. Hearts were not only dirty (lost count of the number of times Cummins was fouled) but pretty ineffectual. Seem to have gone downhill a lot since earlier in the season. Might need to start looking over their shoulders as been much more impressed with Partick TBH. Great reaction from the players after Saturday.
  8. Wee Nigel scored again yesterday for Excelsior and is having a bit of a streak. Wouldn't say no to his pace and inventiveness just now
  9. Really enjoyed that today excellent team performance, not a failure in the 11. Especially impressed with Liam, Paul and Zippy. All worked their socks off. Joe was immense at the back, and really seeing the best of Alston now. Created a lot of chances and played some good stuff on the deck, just a shame we couldn't have taken a couple more of the opportunities
  10. Agree it was a shambles and caused a significant delay, was most annoyed about the total lack of communication
  11. Wee Nigel scored again yesterday for Excelsior and is having a bit of a streak. Wouldn't say no to his pace and inventiveness just now
  12. Having had chance to see the alleged handball incident several times at best Thomson is totally incompetent as there is no way in a million years he could give that if he saw it properly and if he didn't see it properly he can't give it. Totally changed the course of the game as thought we were doing well up to that point. Hope to never see him at McDiarmid Park again
  13. Wee Nigel on the market again last weekend for Excelsior
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    Excellent effort well done lads
  15. Wee Nigel penalty for Excelsior yesterday and an assistant, Gwion for Peterborough too. Thank God Morgan's hat trick wasn't crucial was getting worried at one stage
  16. Muzzle for me showed how much we've missed him
  17. Swanson only guy to get pass marks for me. Remainder pretty dreadful
  18. Watching the highlights just re-inforced how poor the goals were. 1. Zander flapped at corner for first goal, if he's on his line he saves it. All for trying to come for crosses when it's sensible to do so but he was never gonna get there, one to learn from. Think that may have unsettled him in part leading to incident with Joe. 2. Very little challenge on second header, think it was Foster who was on the County guy and he ain't no Daventry Mackay in the air. 3 Spoony what we're you doing? Mind you nobody picked up Curran either 4. No closing down to stop cross coming in and Boyce had nobody within yards of home Side looks very one paced and lacking physical presence. Craig's corners first half were abysmal gone back to floaty numbers too deep beyond back post, Spoony seems a lot less fit and missing at least a yard of pace compared to 3 years ago, Paton also looks like he's running through treacle just knew he was going to get booked near the end as could not catch the County player. Only player with pass marks on Saturday was Swanson, possibly the worst performance I've seen in 5 years. Thought we actually started quite brightly but worrying how many easy goals we're shipping.
  19. Wee Nigel penalty winner for Excelsior yesterday
  20. Sorry Adam but hope your boys get battered by AFC Wimbledon next round.
  21. Don't forget Kudos Oyenuga for Morton on Saturday
  22. Does make you wonder, same as rolling the ball out before kicking rather than from hand therefore denying distance
  23. Pretty accurate assessment thought Craig was very average at best today
  24. Very disappointed no urgency and sat far too deep. Only one corner and match stats very poor. No width either.