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  1. We played 20 games away 2011-12 so our turn for 20 at home
  2. Agree that Collum was his usual useless self afforded our players no protection. Would also like to see red card again as not altogether sure that was a direct red
  3. We were poor today credit to United who battled and defended well. We really suffered with Muzz going off. Sorry but really worry with Scobbie at centre back simply not commanding enough, off day for Spoony too.
  4. Congratulations Ando great achievement total legend
  5. Lappin for me has played well last couple of weeks and was running the game first half
  6. Just had a good few watches of the pen incident and for me it was actually a stonewaller and a very poor and needless challenge especially as Tam was goal side of Ando covering and as a left sided player much better placed to make a block or tackle. Let's put it like this, if that had happened against us and not been awarded would have been raging. Sorry Ando but this one's on you. Must also confess but sitting in West Stand without a clear view the reaction of the players was a dead giveaway that it was a pen. Scobbie was looking at Ando as if to say WTF
  7. Played some decent stuff first half and thought we were quite comfortable, would like to see pen again as too far away to tell, either way ref was shocking some terrible decisions and no protection at all for our forwards all game who were constantly manhandled without any sanction. Sorry but still totally unconvinced by Scobbie at centre back gave me kittens several times. Shame we can't play Joe in two positions.
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    Stevie May

    Bloody hell that's nasty!
  9. Kane easily rest forget it. Nobody else better than 5 out of ten
  10. Pretty abject display really, cannot really think of one player who really performed well. Don't think Mannus could do much about either goal as shots were right in the corner. Problem more to do with the defence, badly missing Wright and a bit of determination to do the dirty side if putting blocks in. That was really hard to watch tonight, agree with lot of what's been said before we look so slow and pedestrian it's painful. Think Tommy had his tactics wrong as Thistle played 5 in midfield with Pogba on his own up front and he arguably caused our defence more grief than McLean and Cummins did between them, just don't seem to have the physicality required. Only Kane came out with any credit from tonight the rest very poor. Our Midfield was overrun. I also ask myself about team preparation as how many times this season have we lost early goals. We start so slowly can't help thinking there's something needs changed re how we prepare been doing the same pre match routines for years.
  11. McCracken for Falkirk and Edwards for Crawley
  12. For what it's worth I was impressed by what I saw of Zander and he has definitely git the edge in terms of distribution and makes a he'll of a difference in terms of territory having a keeper who can nearly reach the edge of the opposition box, that's pretty much how Hibs second goal last weekend came about and something Mannus cannot do. He also fails to command his area which is surprising for such a strong guy. I do feel it might be time to give Clark a go, want to see the second goal today again as looked like it went right under him.
  13. Too right, being a follower of AFC Wimbledon as my English team, remember buying Dennis Wise of a free then selling him to Chelsea for £1.6 million and that was over 25 years ago. With inflation and how much Celtic paid for Armstrong and MacKay-Steven, MOH worth at least the same, fact they offered so little for him to begin with should ring alarm bells for the lad, shows how little they really rate him.
  14. Talk about taking the piss what planet do these people live on? How much did Septic pay for the likes of MacKay-Steven and Armstrong when arguably O'Halloran has been more consistent over the last season and a half than these two were for United before they left Personally feel quite insulted the little team we gubved easily thus season would dare even make an offer. Chekey gits!
  15. Fully agree with need to ensure a larger venue in the East for this type of eventuality
  16. Very slow getting started today but probably deserved a replay how we missed some of the late chances I'll never know. Agree with comments of others re Millar not at his best and hamstring is a ticking time bomb
  17. Agree with a lot of what has already been said, not our best display but sign of a good team to win when not at your best. Kilmarnock weren't bad at all and looked good on the counter albeit gave away a lot of silly free kicks. Thought both Cup Tie and Ando struggled at times though Ando did get better as the game went on. Interesting selection problem if Tommy wants to play a left footed centre half as might just be that Dave is more suited now to the middle. Not convinced by Darnall in centre mid seemed out if his depth and really hope Millar is fit enough to start next game. Great time to be supporting Saints, can't argue with 7 wins out of 8 and kudos to the club for the pre match parade etc.
  18. Last time Saints won an away 5-1? Against St Mirren on 30th January 1992. Since then I've graduated from Uni, moved house 10 times, had 7 different jobs, got engaged, got married and had three kids one of which is due to go to Uni next year Think this just highlights what an historic day yesterday was!
  19. I'd like to see the whole incident again especially as Tommy seemed to think it was a pen but people sitting nearer weren't so sure and as you say, Macca fouled in the build up in almost an identical manner to Mikey being flattened in the lead up to the pen incident not given in the Hamilton match against Easton which from where I was sat was a stonewaller. Is it just me or is the standard of officiating reaching an all time low and I don't just mean in a biased pro Saints sense as some of the decision making this season for both sides in games I've seen has at best been baffling and at times quite absurd.
  20. Cummings for me agree with a lot of everyone else has said. What a find, not a lot he doesn't bring to the attack, excellent all round effort. Not a poor performance from anyone today all at least a seven out of ten.
  21. Simply brilliant stuff today talk about victory achieved in the face of adversity. Would love to see the penalty incident again looked at best soft and compounded by terrible officiating throughout. I said to my wife and 2 boys before kick off that Madden was a bad ref and by God I wasn't wrong. Typical Saints though dusted themselves down and actually thought we bossed much of the game with ten. Really impressed with Zander Clark seemed very composed having been thrown in at the deep end and his kicking is a lot better than Mannus. Joe seems to be settling in nicely and has been impressive last 3 times I've seen him. Despite the mistake Scobbie did pretty well and pleased he did not let that unsettle him. Easton great, Muzz great. Liam looked as though he is getting fitter and had his best game since coming back, Millar best game of the season, Macca again superb, Lappin took his goal superbly and seems to be growing in confidence. Most honourable mentions though to the skipper who was immense today, leading by example and as for that piece of skill near the end when he skinned the United player, unbelievable. And also to Graham Cummings who is rapidly turning into one of my favourite players. Ran all day chasing lost causes, seems to be a great all round striker with good feet, excellent movement and fantastic I'm the air. The partnership with McLean looks really promising and they seem to have a good understanding. What a week to be a Saintee, just a pity Jackie has gone as it's been great fun last few years having an Indian sign on the Arabs
  22. Fab night especially as watched game with a few beers with mixed Saints and Rangers company Great tactics by Tommy and best team performance not a bad display from anyone