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  1. McLean for me and not just for his goals, work rate and overall performance back to the heights of 13-14. Seems to have a good understanding developing with Cummings which promises much for the rest of the season.
  2. Very sorry to see him go as are my boys, don't really make defenders like Fraser anymore, agree with all the comments above. Hard as nails, great will to win and attitude, always prepared to put his body on the line and incredible in the air for someone who's not actually that tall. One of the reasons we've had four great years. All the best and always welcome back to McDiarmid. Legend indeed. Thanks for the memories
  3. Macca for me best I've seen him play in a while, we look much better up front without Sutton as at least we have some movement.
  4. Very poor performance, few get pass marks agree with a lot of what has been said on here. Not sure what has happened to Spoony seems woefully short of confidence,thought Liam was off the pace last ten, simply dreadful distribution from the back, was also surprised Fraser replaced McKay and not Scobbie who has never convinced me at centre half I do not think he is a good enough defender. With the exception of Muzz we seemed very flat and lack lustre which is a major concern. Personally I would drop Sutton who I have now seen three times and seriously think is a step backwards, would rather see Brian Graham myself. No movement and having him up front seems to result in us just lumping the ball forward. Bring in Cummings for him for Tuesday night.
  5. Muzz by a country mile. Do like Cummings though looked lively when he came on
  6. Would be good to put on some form of tribute next Thursday absolutely horrific. RIP and my best wishes for their daughter and family
  7. Take Tade and Nigel back plus Swanson!!
  8. nickyg

    Gary Miller

    Actually really liked Gary thought he was a very likeable and versatile member of the squad. Goal he scored vs Motherwell one of the best I've seen at McDiarmid. Good luck Gary and thanks for all you've done for Saints
  9. Love to get Nigel back give our attack some real pace and unpredictability
  10. Agree with a lot of what has already been raised here. I do not have information on what Saints highest earners get but I would imagine that the average salary per annum is considerably less than some English Premier league players earn in a week. Bet the wages earned by hospitality for English clubs is more or less on a par with SPFL. There were plenty of holes in BBC programme not least not pressing the chef re how many hours he worked to take home £86 a week and no mention of zero hours contracts. Very lazy journalism and short on fact.
  11. Best league atmosphere for ages well done!
  12. McNamara complaining about us being over physical??? Which game was he watching? Thought we did OK yesterday, not convinced by Scobbie at left back sometimes over commits and some of his sliced passes down the line were poor. Cannot remember McFadden touching the ball once and made no impact, actually thought McLean played OK buy poses no goal threat whatsoever. Spoony frustrates the life out of me, one of his tricks on the right when he made a United player look a right mug was real class but some of his passes and shooting is way off. Pleased for Muzz who looks to be getting back to somewhere near his best and with the benefit of a full pre season might be as good as a new signing next season. Michael also frustrates me, was watching him closely and sometimes seems to be away with the fairies. Millar as usual this season ultra impressive and has totally convinced me this season. As for Frazer total legend love the guy and so hope we get another season out of him but have my doubts.
  13. Referee was shocking totally bizarre decisions. Not sure why Graham was on the bench looked very lively when he came on and great header for his goal. Sign him up now!!
  14. Really like Spoony has been a major part of success last couple of seasons, at least prepared to try the odd difficult creative pass hence giving away possession. Brings balance to the team and thank God we have some creativity in the side since wee Nigel left
  15. Graham for me, great goal and excellent performance. Why he was taken off ahead of McLean I've no idea
  16. Anyone noticed that Gary Mcdonald has got 5 goals in 9 games for Peterhead. What the hell is going on?
  17. Out of interest and I stand to be corrected on this but if Saints get top 6 this season, it would be the first time in their history they will have finished top 6 in the top division of Scottish football four seasons in a row. Testament to the current staff and how well the club has been run. Losing May was kind of inevitable after the season he had last year, no way Saints could match the money a Championship club could pay. After a while learning to cope without him, look at form since loss vs Kilmarnock at home. Played 20 Won 10 drawn 5 lost 5. That's pretty bloody good by anyone's standards. Also, note not once this season in a match featuring Fraser has the defence shipped more than 2 in one game. Admittedly not great to watch at times but cannot fault the players for their commitment.
  18. Good player in the making, pleased with this
  19. St Mirren were dreadful would have been good to have battered them. Decent performance but next 2 games crucial
  20. Muzz for me looks like he's getting back to his best with honourable mentions for Graham and Cup Tie
  21. Agree that for a 0-0 not a bad game, ref had a shocker and would like to see the penalty shout for the tug on Ando as looked like a stonewalled to me. As many have said, tendency does seem to overplay at times but thought I'd it was a decent display without a great deal of end product, seen us play much worse and win
  22. Kate for me like his effort and movement. Thought Easton was great today too