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  1. Agree rebel Rebel Saint even if one of their guys had caught the ball, ref would probably not have given us a free kick. Good solid defensive display against a very average side, strange game as didn't think we were at our best but we're very comfortable once second went in. Think Mcdonald did ok when he came on and Brown was also ok and put in some good challenges. Defence excellent again with Anderson and Cup tie stand outs
  2. Ando for me too great goal and solid as a rock defensively.
  3. Probably Dave for me too but he was about the only one who merited more than 6 out of 10
  4. Poor game, poor performance and poor referee. Could not wait to get red card out and looked to me that Wotherspoon was shoved in the box straight beforehand. Got no decisions, baffling team selection, Lappin looked out of position at left back, overrun in midfield and started both halves very slowly. Graham did nothing and was not surprised he was hooked, looked better when Macca came on. Did not really notice Mcdonald was playing, cannot play a two in centre mid with him as goes missing.
  5. 2. The build up and aftermath of the Cup Final, with Saints fans from across the globe descending on Glasgow in their masses and all the personal stories of those who would be missing loved ones on the day, got really caught up in the emotion, took the whole family down to Glasgow for the weekend, so proud of our Diddy team who to a man performed like heroes to win the cup, and then the amazing turn out back in Perth on the Sunday, when pretty much the whole town turned out to welcome the cup back. So pleased to be a very small part of the greatest day in Saints history. 1. Maybe an odd choice but my most abiding memory is MacLean's second goal in the final, at 1-0 it was still a bit tense but soon as that went in to give us breathing space, was confident we would go on to win. Sitting behind the goal, it seemed like time stood still when the ball got stuck between Czerniak and Macca, at the time seemed like forever as though preparing for a life changing moment, then almost suddenly the ball was in the net, Steven goes off into the crowd like a man possessed strong arming May in the process and the blue end of Celtic Park erupted. Still see it in my mind almost every day, is imprinted in my brain.
  6. 4. The Raith Rovers Quarter Final, great day out in Kirkcaldy, a fond memory to remember Nigel by with a cracking strike, typical of the ooccasional moments of real brilliance he was capable of, followed by Ando's goal which at the time was a collectors item albeit became quite a regular occurrence since. 3. Lucerne home game, a night of incredible atmosphere and tension, best away support I've seen at McDiarmid, last abiding memory of Stevie May and banishing the sad memory of the Minsk game with five superb penalties (May's closest to unstoppable I've seen) and the wild celebrations afterwards. What a night
  7. Continued 6. Out of an unfortunate moment came a never to be forgotten experience when after my youngest was smacked on the nose by a Simon Lappin piledriver during the shooting practice at the last Inverness game, the club invited the two of us in before training on Christmas Eve when we had a private visit to the Boardroom, my boy had a hold of the Cup, met Tommy in his office and all the players. Simon was fantastic and a great guy, presented my son with his jersey from the ICT match signed by all the team. Made me realise what a great club I support as they really put themselves out. 5. Has to be a late entry with Midge's goal last Saturday, his inability to net had become a standing joke in our household, and to be there when the famine ended was superb, could see how much it meant to him and indeed to the whole team. Some goal too!
  8. Countdown continued 8. A nearly moment, kind of summed up our performance in the cup final, when we broke with a great touch from Mikey releasing Spoony who went on an amazing run leaving United players on their arsed left right and centre, shame he couldn't finish otherwise would probably have eclipsed Ricky Villa. Not bad for a team of hammer throwers! 7. Unfortunately missed the semi at Ibrox as was in Barcelona for a weekend with my wife. Remember stepping off the plane into sheets of rain and howling gale feeling miserable as sin as having experienced the Tynecastle debacle was not exactly confident. Checking the score while we waited for our luggage to come round the carousel and seeing we were winning, I went slightly and understandably nuts. Then driving past Aberdeen fans on the way back to Perth laughing my head off.
  9. Here goes mine but after the year Saints have had, quite a difficult choice. 10. McFadden's goal in the Cup vs Ross County, glimpse of a true quality player peach of a left foot strike, rarely have I ever seen a keeper so comprehensively beaten all ends up. 9. Celtic 3-3 game, relaxed atmosphere in the run up to the Final, played them off the park in the first half, they brought on their super subs and run us ragged for ten minutes until the unlikeliest double act of Hasselbaink and Iwelumo caused such panic we scored twice to shove it down their supporters throats.
  10. How good was that? Great performance by the boys to turn it around. Was a bit worried going into today but yet again Saints came up with the goods. This has been one amazing year with so many memories but Millar scoring a fabulous goal to defeat United ended 2014 on one he'll of a high, six straight wins, fantastic stuff. Defensively looking very good, settled side also seems to be helping. Wright and Anderson have been wonderful in recent weeks. The joy on Midge's face when he netted was testament to the great spirit running through the team
  11. Millar for me, albeit there were great performances from the back four again, Croft also excellent. How good are Wright and Anderson at the moment, been superb for weeks
  12. Just watched it and really enjoyed it, brought back all the magic from the day!
  13. Bloody good penalty though, after problems we had missing so many too seasons ago, Graham seems like a reliable spot kick taker.
  14. That was an eventful afternoon starting with my son taking a Lappin left foot howitzer right on the nose, still signed ball and free hat thanks to all who looked after him so well. Was quite close to the pen incident and looked like a dive to me, red card was however spot on. Well done Saints five wins on the bounce and three clean sheets in a row.
  15. Have him back in a heartbeat. Record this season very impressive and would be a real boost to the squad
  16. Went for McFadden with honourable mentions to Fraser, Michael and Midge
  17. Agree with last comment, Graham did seem to be bullied off the ball a bit too easily. Some lovely touches from McFadden. My son was fairly sure O'Halloran's header crossed the line too. Strange game as don't think County played badly either
  18. Should have left it for Graham who was right behind him
  19. Think on another day both goals could have stood and could have won comfortably especially if O'Halloran had kept his head and buried first half chance as he should have done
  20. Tade another two for Cluj eight in six games. Sign him up!