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  1. I believe all catering staff including chefs have been let go already. Gary Henderson is also away.
  2. Saints apparently been in contact with Andy Halliday multiple times offering him a deal.
  3. Thought we were terrific second half, played more football throughout that game than most of last season. McNamara looked good second half as did the rest! Excited to see this team going forward. Worth noting that we had played 2 less friendlies than United so lack of sharpness and actual getting used to the shape and formation was expected. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Tommy confirmed today that Vihmann will leave the club this window
  5. I presume the idea is so they have a rough idea of numbers attending a game via the electronic data, with an analyst they can then predict crowds and look at trends of when people are and aren’t attending games etc... also allows them to order stocks of food more stringently
  6. Zander Ralston Kerr Duffy. Tanser McCann. Craig Wright. Swanson. Kennedy May 3-0
  7. Celtic Rangers Hibs Aberdeen Hearts St Johnstone Kilmarnock Motherwell Hamilton Dundee St Mirren Livingston