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  1. Nope, heard nothing. Sent them an email to say I was going to ask my bank to refund the credit card payment in full, due to misrepresentation of goods, in the hope that would solicit a response. Still silence. Looks like I'll have to go ahead with my threat!
  2. Yep - I got a message saying their message box was full and couldn't leave a message, and getting no reply to emails. I did manage to speak to a lady a few weeks back, but she was absolutely useless and couldn't give a shit.
  3. I ordered a couple of Saints things off the RU Active website. Unfortunately a pair of the shorts arrived without the badge on them - there were 3 little white dots where the badge should've been. I've tried emailing them, but the email on their website doesn't seem to exist. I've tried phoning, but no one answers and their mail box is full, so you can't leave a message. I've filled in the contact form on their website, but that doesn't seem to work either! Total joke of a company; I hope to God Saints are able to kick them into the sea asap.
  4. Every need for it, if it's the same wee laddie we're talking about. He was very lucky not to be thrown out, given some of the bile that was coming out of his mouth. Coked/Buckie'd up, or whatever he was, there's absolutely no place for the stuff he was shouting/singing at any football match, let alone a Saints match.
  5. It was a Saints fan who had to choose man of the match (one of us Edinburgh bunch). The company he works for sponsored the game and put it down as him being the match sponsor as a joke. That meant he had to do the half time draw and choose MOM. He tried to choose Kenny Miller as a laugh, but they told him to piss off! Hence his choice of Ralph.
  6. Nelly78

    Jason Kerr

    Bates is also older than Kerr, so that just proves the reason given for not calling up Kerr was a load of bollocks.
  7. What size did you go for in the end? Hopefully you ignored the sizing on their chart and went one size bigger! My son is 4 and the size 8 junior fits him perfectly. He's pretty tall and skinny for his age, though.
  8. Wait until you see Maybury in action on the side of the pitch then - a refereeing friend of mine said he is the worst he's ever encountered for arguing and shouting at the officials!
  9. Yep, most of the Hearts fan I know reckoned he wasn't even good enough to have been in the Hearts team when he got called up for Scotland.
  10. Three at the back works well with the correct personnel. Unfortunately we don't have that available to us. Joe and Ando in particular, look completely lost in a back 3, whilst our wing backs are not good enough to provide the attacking width in this system either. My main concern is the complete lack of movement off the ball. We don't seem to work anywhere near as hard as the opposition do when we don't have the ball, both when attacking and defending. The number of times one of our players has the ball and there are absolutely no options for a pass available is criminal. Wtf are they doing in training all week?
  11. It was absolutely pissing it down in Glasgow this morning for an hour or so. Drive through from Edinburgh was brutal. Be amazed if its not waterlogged after that rain, particularly with the snow melting as well over the past few days.
  12. Jack Ruddy has just signed a 2 year contract extension at Wolves, so he's definitely not been told he can leave. Also, I thought McGrandles signed a 2 year deal at MK Dons in the summer, in which case he's not out of contract either.
  13. It is down to the coaches, according to someone close to Zander who we spoke to after a recent match. Tommy supposedly wants his keeper to stay on the line and the defenders to attack and clear the crosses. That's working well.......... It's fine when you have a Frazer Wright, Duberry etc who will do this, but we've not got that kind of player just now. Seems madness to stop a guy who's 6'5, and has the advantage of being able to use his hands, come for a f**king cross.